Mystery Photo #81

Happy Friday, Happy Friday, Happy Friday!!!  I guess you’re wondering why I’m so excited.  Well, first of all I don’t have to go to work today.  Yayyyy me!!  I booked the day off to get ready for the second exciting thing, which is my beautiful niece’s wedding.  It’s in Kingston, Ontario which is 4 hours away, so we are leaving very early Saturday morning and staying over in a hotel on Saturday night.  It should be a blast – we even get to spend part of the reception out on one of the 1000 Island Cruise Boats which will pick us up and drop us off behind the hotel.  Seeing as I spent every summer of my childhood sailing in the 1000 Islands, this should bring back a ton of memories!

Amy is the oldest of my nieces and nephews and the first one to get married, and I suddenly realized the other day that this is the first wedding we have been invited to in years.  When you think about it, first you have your own wedding, and your siblings weddings, and your friends’ weddings, and then there is a wedding drought for quite a few years until that generation has children of their own and they grow up and get married.  I still can’t believe that Amy is  a grown woman now.  I can still picture her as a smiley little baby in diapers, and now she’s going to be walking down the aisle as a beautiful bride :). And her fiance, Nick, is a sweetheart and pretty hot!! (Hey, I’m getting older, but I’m not dead yet ok)

So, of course my camera will be the first thing that I pack, and I’m sure it will get quite the workout this weekend.  I can’t wait to share pictures with you next week!  I’ve been quite remiss in sharing photos with you in the last little while because I still have tons from my trip to South Carolina and more from the musical at the high school last week, but I will definitely find time to share the wedding photos no matter what because it’s an aunt’s job to brag about her gorgeous niece right?

So, before I get busy with packing for the weekend and all that jazz, let’s move on to the mystery photo.  You’ve had it pretty easy for the last couple of weeks, so I hope you’re up for a challenge this time.  Don’t chicken out – let’s have lots of guesses.  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #81

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26 Responses to Mystery Photo #81

  1. ouch, you’re back to your mean old self again, I’m going to guess it’s the felt pad on a sander before you attach the sandpaper and the holes are where all the sawdust gets sucked up. If I’m right I’ll eat my hat though, enjoy the wedding and your weekend.

  2. Hmmm a paw print? Nope! It’s a metal cover of some sort. OMG I’m stumped.

  3. bulldog says:

    I’ve seen this before.. and I don’t think its a sander… but now I’m stumped.. I’ll come back later when I think of it and write it as a second comment…

  4. don’t know, don’t care

  5. someone on your FB said dotted socks — I like that answer even if it is wrong so I am making it mine too
    I as stressed because of a lot of things–and yes a visit from you and chocolate would help–

    • Great guess and welcome to my blog!! I thought I’d better mention that because I have followers in different time zones, I don’t reveal the answer until Saturday, so you’ll have to be patient :).

  6. TBM says:

    A clogged hair dryer vent. Have fun at the wedding and remember, 1000 photos!

  7. benzeknees says:

    I thought it might be fuzzy dice & then I counted the black circles & realized dice never have 7 dots on one side. So I’m going to go with some kind of cat toy because of the little brown stain by the far right hand dot.

  8. dorannrule says:

    I have definitely missed your photos! Looking forward to how you see the wedding. No idea what the photo of the week could be unless it’s a packing box for small glasses. 🙂

  9. This is why I love making the mystery photo harder because we get such interesting answers :). Although they were all fantastic and imaginative, nobody got it correct, but I must admit that it really does look like TBM’s guess of a clogged hair dryer vent. I would have to say that the closest to the correct answer would have to be Edith who said a metal cover of some sort. I work in a really, really old office building, and there are objects in the nasty old basement that have not been moved for many years. This is actually the metal lid from a can of Comet powdered cleanser, covered very heavily in years of icky dust. Good one eh?

    • Oh, and I forgot to give you your laugh for the day – well the men will laugh anyway. Usually on Friday nights we turn off the alarm clock for the weekend, but last night I told Mike to leave mine on because we have to leave this morning for the wedding. So, what does the complete idiot do? He leaves on his alarm too, so I have been awake since 4:50 a.m. Arghhhhhh!!!!!!! I will kill him :).

  10. you deserve it for putting such a hard mystery pic up this week–now seriously who in the world would ever have guessed that? I am just kidding–go take a nap and have a good time at the wedding

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