Mystery Photo #77

It was nice while it lasted – the sunshine and warm temperatures – but it looks like a cold and rainy weekend is on its way.  That’s ok though because I wasn’t planning on being outside anyway.  As long as it’s good weather for driving I’m happy because my bff and I are going on a road trip.  I was recently introduced to the novels of Susanna Kearsley, and she will be appearing at the public library in Port Elgin, Ontario on Saturday to promote her latest book, The Firebird, which I read recently and loved!  I can’t wait to meet her and have her autograph a copy of her book for me.  I really enjoy hearing authors speak because it allows you to discover who they really are and what makes them tick.  Afterwards we are going to hit the mall in Owen Sound for lunch and some retail therapy.  Now that’s what I call an awesome girl’s day out :).

Now, before you get into weekend relax mode, it’s time to work your brain just a little bit more.  It’s mystery photo time!  Let’s see how smart you are this week.  Ok, ready, set, go……

Mystery Photo #77

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16 Responses to Mystery Photo #77

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Plastic watering can 😀

  2. Some kind of plastic tree or at least something disguised as a tree

  3. I agree with Jeff–unless of course it is a fake tree you have set up in your living room for those cold days you cannot get outside–I can imagine it covered in clear little crystal lights twinkling away and your chair placed strategically under its plastic branches with a book nearby and a drink with an umbrella. You are doing one of my favourite things this weekend–I would drive up and meet you if I drove more than 20 miles from my home.

    • If you lived just a little bit closer, or if I wasn’t going in the totally opposite direction, I would come and pick you up and take you with us in a heartbeat!! Let me know if there are ever any interesting authors speaking down in your area. I’ll be there :).

      • Windsor has a book festival in the fall–I will let you know more about it — it is usually in November–be cool if we could meet there

      • I went to the International Festival of Authors in Toronto last October for the first time.with a couple of friends. We only went one night to hear one author in particular, but we had a great time!! Yes, please let me know about the one in Windsor :). That would be fun!

  4. The spout of watering can. Have a great weekend.

  5. beckyday6 says:

    Sounds like you have a really lovely weekend planned – jealous! 😛 As for me, I will be doing last minute cramming for my Monday exam. :S

    Watering can that looks like a tree?

  6. dorannrule says:

    A wine barrel spout!! There – I have finally guessed one! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Or have I?

  7. roythoman says:

    I know! You were gazing into your mirror as you were getting dressed. Your mind started to wonder to thoughts of your childhood. All of a sudden you found yourself in an enchanted plastic forest. You are confronted by an enchanted plastic rabbit. The rabbit is very excited; he keeps saying, you’re going to be late! You’re going to be late! (Probably for work) He runs down the enchanted trail through the plastic forest. You take off after him. Not far down the trail you see an enchanted cat with a big smile sitting in one of the plastic trees. The cat fades away all but his silly smile. Continuing down the trail you find a man with a big plastic hat, accompanied by big dancing plastic cards having a tea party with plastic tea cups. All is well until you anger the big plastic Queen of Hearts. The Queen shouts at you, “Off with her head!” Just as the big plastic Jack of Spades goes to grab you; you are startled from your daze. You find yourself back in you room looking into your mirror. You are wondering what just happened? Was it real, or all in your mind? You look down and see your camera. (20 min. late for work) The only photo on your camera is a photo of a plastic tree.

  8. J. G. Burdette says:

    A plastic pump for the lawn? I don’t know the official name but they look something like this:

  9. benzeknees says:

    It’s fake wood, at least I got that much. Part of a jungle gym?

  10. Wow, there were a lot of correct guesses this week, and some very interesting ones as well LOL :). Yes, it’s the spout of a plastic watering can, but it does really look like a plastic tree branch, so I have to give kudos to the people who gave that answer as well. Have a great weekend everyone!! I’m off to meet an author :).

  11. I love Meet The Author events too … from both sides of the room! Enjoy!

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