Mystery Photo #76

I feel so refreshed, rejuvenated, revived, revitalized, exhilarated, and renewed (thanks :)).  Why am I feeling so amazing?  Because Mother Nature finally settled down, took her meds, and brought Spring to Southern Ontario.  It was beautiful and warm all week, and I have finally been reacquainted with Mr. Sun which makes me happy, happy, happy (yup, I watch Duck Dynasty LOL).  Yesterday I came home from work, said the heck with everything that needed to be done, and headed outside to the deck with the awesome book that I am currently reading.  I settled into my zero gravity chair, turned my face up to the sun, and sighed out loud.  A grin spread across my face as I felt the warmth sink into my bones.  Ahhhhhh :).

Now, on to the matter at hand.  It’s Friday and therefore time for the mystery photo!!  I’m pretty sure that nobody is going to guess this week’s mystery photo exactly, but anything in the ballpark will be deemed a winner this time around.  Why you ask?  Well, you see I just had to use this photo because, even though it’s blue in colour, it reminds me of my new best friend – Mr. Sun.  I know I don’t usually give any clues, but I will tell you that I bought this at one of the first ever Target stores to open in Ontario, and now that Summer is on its way, they can’t keep them in the store.

I’m really curious to see what kind of guesses I get this week.  Ok, ready, set, go…

Mystery Photo #76

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24 Responses to Mystery Photo #76

  1. Part of an outdoor chair or lounger. Glad you’re weather has improved

    • Wow, you must have been sitting at your computer waiting for me to post this morning LOL!! You are fast. It looks like another beautiful day again today. I just have to get through work, and then I can enjoy again :). How’s your weather over there now?

      • I was about to send you a hurry up on Facebook, weather here is fine but has been better, I’ve been back in long trousers all week although being trapped indoors with little Mr cough a lot hasn’t helped matters. Can’t wait to hand over responsibility to MrsBC for a couple of hours and escape.

      • Yes, I think you deserve a break :).

  2. I live in the bananabelt of southwestern Ontario and we do not get the snow everyone else does especially late in the season, but this last week has been wonderful–spring has been a long time in coming down here too.
    I think that this is part of a symbolic piece that sun lovers gather around, humming their mantra, and dancing to bring the sun out. It may look like something utilitarian but it is not–you place it under your favourite tree- form a ring and dance around it–I know that that is what you did to bring this warm weather. (See, I really do need a rest–from this answer you know I need to refuel!)

    • From this answer I know you have an amazing imagination, and I love it!! You never know, I might just go out and dance around it. This weather makes me want to dance :). Enjoy the weekend, and get some rest my friend!

  3. What a difference a little sunshine makes. You could see a noticeable bounce in my step 🙂 So I’m going to say the “thingy” that hold a hammock to its stand.

  4. beckyday6 says:

    Hmmm….something to do with a washing line maybe?

    Glad to hear the sun has finally shown up! We have a little bit here too, a couple of weeks ago I was actually able to sit outside in summery clothes and read my book, it was so fantastic. 😀 Of course, it’s English weather so it’s now gone back to being mostly cold and miserable but at least we had it for a little while, LOL. Hows the book going? 🙂

    • The book is amazing, and I can’t wait to get home tonight to read it. It’s really nice to find a book that’s totally different than anything you have read before :).

      • beckyday6 says:

        Agreed! I love it when that happens, it is quite rare to come across something unique and different these days, so it is always amazing when you do. 🙂

  5. No idea. Pony tails stretched around a plastic ring?

  6. dorannrule says:

    As usual I have no clue what this yarn-y looking thing is. I did want to congratulate you on your refreshed, revived, rejuvenated mood! It’s CATCHY! 🙂

  7. I am shooting for revived, refreshed and rejuvenated! What book are you reading?

  8. benzeknees says:

    I am going to say this is part of a plant hanger – you know those knotted things that were all the rage years ago. I bet they’re coming back & it’s such a pretty blue!

  9. benzeknees says:

    Do tell – I want to know what you’re reading too!

  10. Whatever it is, the colours are very striking! Part of a wheel thingy on something or other … pardon the technical terms …

  11. Well, I have to say that Edith was close with the thingy that holds a hammock to the stand because it does kind of look like that. When my hubby first saw it he thought it was a mini trampoline, you know those ones that people use to exercise on in their house. It’s round and springy, and Mr. Bunny Chow was right on the money because it’s the coolest looking chair I have ever seen!! It does look like a mini trampoline, but it unfolds like a normal lawn chair so it’s very portable, and it is super duper comfy when you sink into it!! I guess you could say that it’s sort of like a hammock chair. We bought two of them, and I have kept one in my car so that I can sit outside at work during my lunch, and my son has been using the other one in the basement while playing video games. I think we will get a lot of use of them outside this summer :).

  12. Looks like a lawn chain to me. HF

  13. Forget reality: your photograph makes for a stylized blue sunburst.

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