Mystery Photo #73

Well, Mother Nature obviously still has her knickers in a knot!! We have been under a freezing rain warning since yesterday morning, and it was so bad in the night that I am now sitting in the cold with no power and I can’t even see out my front window because of the ice caked on it! On the plus side, the power is out where I work too, so for now I’m staying home :).

Now on to more important matters. People’s interest in a game will never last if it is too easy because we, as human beings, generally enjoy a challenge. So, I may occasionally give you an easy mystery photo like I did last week (so that people don’t cry LOL), but this week we are back to forcing your brain cells to fire up and get back to work!! I am absolutely sure that each and every one of you has seen this before, maybe even on a daily basis, but it actually resembles quite a few different things.

Let’s see who is wearing their thinking cap this week. OK, ready, set, go……..

Mystery Photo #73

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17 Responses to Mystery Photo #73

  1. it’s the edge of an old book with a little foxing

  2. An interior door with wooden shutters?

  3. TBM says:

    I think Mr. Bunny is right. enjoy the freezing rain that sounds oh so pleasant.

  4. bulldog says:

    Sheets of cardboard…

  5. It does look like the edge of a book and wooden shutters (but that one is too obvious I am thinking). What I really do believe is that it is the shuttered doors to a space ship–the one that you take on occasion to plot your alien invasion of the world–I know that you like science fiction and fantasy–so I am pretty sure this is not something as common as a book or shutter. Do you take pics from outer space–I think I saw you last night as I was scanning the skies–you and that camera with the infernal flash–I could not see properly for hours!

  6. ifleury says:

    vertical blinds…and Cindy i am in the same cold as you are…can’t even have a coffee..decided to stay in bed…would you believe Marty went to London this morn???

    • I’m wrapped in a blanket reading :), and yes I believe it about Marty because my husband left at 6 am this morning while it was still dark out and was driving 3 hours to Dunville I think. They’re not overly bright are they??

  7. J. G. Burdette says:

    Wooden blinds?

  8. benzeknees says:

    Louvers on a heating or cooling unit?

  9. Yes, it is actually the fanned pages of a book, and thank you to Mr. Bunny Chow for teaching me a new word (foxing). I will admit that I had to look that one up :). It wasn’t actually an old book with discoloured pages though. I just made it look darker so that the details would show up more and maybe mess a little with your brains LOL!! When I took the photo, I also thought it looked like blinds or shutters, so I thought it would make a good mystery photo. Great guessing everyone :).

  10. ladyfi says:

    Oh dear – keep warm!

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