Back to Reality

The vacation is over and what a fabulous one it was :).  I just wish it could have been longer because there was still so much that we wanted to see and do.  Although I missed my kids terribly, it was so wonderful to be away from the daily grind.  I didn’t have to worry about driving in dangerous winter conditions, dealing with the overload of work at the office, keeping up with laundry and housework, and paying bills.  It was just pure and total relaxation as we enjoyed morning sunrises over the ocean and walks on the beach, explored the culture and landmarks of South Carolina, shopped ’til we dropped, and enjoyed a detour on the way home to meet a wonderful friend for the first time.

Now I am left with the awesome memories and hundreds upon hundreds of photos to pick from to share with my blogging buddies.  You will have to be patient with me though because I have been super busy since I got home, and that’s not going to change any time soon.  Some people like to start at the beginning when sharing vacation memories, but this time around I must begin at the end, on our homeward bound detour which resulted in the cementing of a friendship that began on the internet.

I have met some truly wonderful people since I started my blog, and they have become a very important part of my life.  They support me, encourage me, fascinate me, and most importantly make me laugh.  One of my WordPress friends who falls into all of those categories is Dor from Virginia Views.  Dor has a way with words that shines through on her blog and captured my attention from day one, and she is always there to support me in my goal to become a better photographer.  I’m sure many of you have discovered the same  type of rewarding friendships from blogging, but have you ever wondered if you would connect with these people as well in person as you do online?  I mean let’s face it, things are not always as they seem, right?

Well, when Dor found out that Mike and I were travelling to South Carolina for March Break, she offered to show us around if we found ourselves in her neck of the woods.  She lives just outside of Lexington, Virginia, and I jumped at the opportunity to take a detour on the way home and meet my virtual friend face to face.  I must admit that we were both nervous.  In fact, Dor’s blog the day we were to meet expressed her concern that we might be axe murderers.  How could she know for sure, right?  LOL!!  But, the first nervous moments slipped away, and we realized that each of us was just as we portrayed ourselves on our blogs, and our friendship fell right into place.  Dor became a wonderful tour guide that evening and the next morning, showing us the sights of Lexington, and we laughed and talked like we had known each other for years.  I think I can easily say that this was the best detour we have ever taken, and I look forward to visiting Dor again sometime in the future.

Now that I’m back to enduring this cold, snowy weather, who’s up for a blogging convention on a sunny, hot beach somewhere so that we can all meet in person?  Sounds like fun to me.  How about you?  I’m sure we could create many special portraits like this one :).

Dor & Cindy

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38 Responses to Back to Reality

  1. what a wonderful vacation — I read about your meeting up on Dor’s blog so I was waiting to hear about it from you too — what a great thing to meet someone you met in this community. I am glad you could get away and enjoy yourself–now get back to work and find us an easy mystery photo for this week!

  2. Jeff Sinon says:

    That’s great that you were able to meet one of your blogging friends face to face! I was fortunate enough to have the same thing happen to me last Spring. My virtual friend Nate, contacted me asking if I’d mind teaching him how to photograph waterfalls. Now we are no longer just virtual friends as he’s been to NH several times since then.

    I also understand Dor’s hesitation. The world can be a crazy place, and you hear far too many stories about people being far from what their online personality was.

    • The world is definitely a crazy place nowadays, and you do have to be careful! We knew that everything was going to be ok when Dor’s hubby left her alone with us to go off to his poker game. I mean, I know she said that nothing would keep him from his poker game, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have left her with us if she wasn’t comfortable. I remember reading about your visit with Nate. You are such a great photographer and so eager to help that I would love to visit you one day :).

  3. krikitarts says:

    It’s a dream come true! Since I started my WP blog, I have come to know a good number of like-minded folk who I now consider friends and would love to meet up with, should the opportunity arise. I have yet to see this happen personally, but I’d sure like to–and you’re definitely on my short list. You too, Jeff, but I don’t know if I could keep up with you on those mountain trails!

  4. A blogging convention on a hot, sunny beach…hmmm…I’m up for that. Funny you say that about being nervous meeting a blogging buddy. A few months ago a fellow photographer and blogger from the UK was going to be in Toronto on business and he asked if I wanted to meet up. He was actually staying in a hotel around the corner from my office and we agreed to meet over lunch. My husband was trying to discourage the meeting insisting that I don’t know who this person “really” is. Well we met up, had a bite to eat and I showed him around to some hidden gems to photograph downtown. I had a wonderful afternoon, it was great meeting up with him. Its nice when virtual friends become real life friends.

    • Ok, I’ll add you to the list for the beach convention :). You and I definitely have to meet up this Spring or Summer. We have no excuses because we live so close! I’m glad your first encounter with a blogging buddy turned out well, and I can’t wait to meet you in person :).

  5. benzeknees says:

    Nice pic! Who took this pic? Your hubby? Glad you had a great vacay! Am looking forward to lots of vacay pics.

    • It was a great vacay, and yes, my hubby took the pic :). He is really starting to get into photography himself, and he’s so funny because he has started to make it a competition. He takes pictures of the same things I am photographing and then always says that his are better LOL!!

  6. bulldog says:

    Glad you had a good time… we’ve got plenty of sunny beaches… but so far away…

  7. anyone know any bloggers in Fiji?

  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    The next time you visit SC you have to try to come a bit north up the coast and I’ll introduce you to some alligator friends. 🙂

  9. Sooooo special!!!! Maybe someday we get to meet each other as well!!! … 😉 **

  10. megtraveling says:

    Great idea – a blogging convention somewhere warm and sunny sounds wonderful!

  11. How fun. 2 axe murderers if I ever saw some.

  12. zannyro says:

    oooo…ooooo…oooo! I’m up for a blogger convention!!….
    (Give me a year to lose 50 pounds o.k.????) lololololololol

  13. dorannrule says:

    Dor here, thanking you for this great post on the wild meeting of the axe murderer bloggers! 🙂 I did love every minute of our visit. And thank you Mikey for the expert photograph too. Now the world can identify the perpetrator if we ever meet again and I disappear from the scene. I love your idea of a favorite blogger convention too! 🙂 P.S. Come back soon.

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