Mystery Photo #68

As you are reading this post, Mike and I are hopefully starting our second day of driving to Isle of Palms, South Carolina for a week of relaxation and exploring with my parents, who are down there for a couple of months escaping our Ontario winter.

I am drafting this ahead of time, anxiously watching the weather reports, as there is a huge snowstorm bearing down on the north-east US, right along our route.  It figures, doesn’t it?  It’s like we drag the snow along with us wherever we go LOL!  Hopefully though, the storm will have done as predicted and cleared out of those states before we even leave Ontario.  Fingers crossed!!

After a bit of a drought in my photography lately which has affected the frequency of my blog posts, my camera is going to get one hell of a workout over the next week.  So, if you can be patient with me and not miss me too much :), I promise I will have some awesome photos for you when I get back.  I may even post some while I am there if time allows.

Ok, let’s get to our Friday fun!!  Every time I look at this picture it makes me laugh because it brings back a really funny memory.  Obviously, I can’t share it with you now because I can’t spoil the mystery, but I will definitely spill the beans later.  Now, let’s see if we can get as many correct answers as we had last week.  I was very proud of my blogging buddies you know!!

Ok, ready, set, go…

Mystery Photo #68

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28 Responses to Mystery Photo #68

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Seriously? Is this the best you can do? Everyone knows that that is the faucet that turns off the water on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls 😛

  2. Exposure compensation dial on your camera? 🙂

  3. well, hmmmm, as you are indulging your way across the southern united states we’ll just sit at home and gaze in bewilderment at this picture you’ve left for us. It’s obviously Canadian made and used to screw something down, I’m guessing that something is going to be something to do with skiing or snow stuff but if I’m honest I’m not sure why I’m guessing that maybe its my cultural ignorance as to what is made in Canada besides Maple Syrup. Hope you’re having a fab trip

  4. the lock to your kitchen cupboard that holds all your chocolate

  5. bulldog says:

    I cannot believe no one has got this right yet… come on people it is so obvious…

  6. TBM says:

    Uh, that’s all I got, uh.

  7. zannyro says:

    Drat…I don’t know…again…

  8. krikitarts says:

    Part of the mechanism to attach snowshoes to whatever else you’re wearing on your feet?

  9. routcay529 says:

    Looks like a really old silver handle on the right hand side of the passenger’s side of a car? We used to have an old winter beater that had a seat positioning handle that looked like this when I was little! Lol! Drive Safe xo

  10. okay Ms. Looney – did you not like us all getting it right last week? We need a hint on this one–come on…you are on vacation–you can give a hint from the goodness of your vacationing heart can’t you?

  11. benzeknees says:

    Oh, I can see this in my head, the word is on the tip of my tongue! You got me this week!

  12. I know I usually don’t reveal the answer until Saturday morning, but since we will probably be out exploring all day tomorrow, I thought I’d better tell you now so that I don’t forget and have you all very made at me :). This week the winner of the mystery photo is……. ME! I got you all, and I got you good, but boy did I get some laughs out of the answers this week. You are all hilarious and have amazing imaginations! This is a photo of the adjustment knob on the back of a very old computer/office chair, probably from the 1970’s or earlier. Whenever I look at this photo, I can’t help but laugh because it brings back a hilarious memory. My boss back then did not like to spend money on office supplies, so we used these ancient chairs for many years even though they were falling apart. One day, my boss sat down in this chair, the whole back of the chair fell off, and he landed on his ass on the floor. Once I knew he was not hurt, I laughed my head off. It was kind of an “I told you so” moment because we had told him that we needed new chairs! I know, that’s kind of mean, but it was soooooo funny LOL!!

  13. bulldog says:

    I told you it was obvious…

  14. You know, it looks like something familiar, yet it is just beyond your grasp — I am sure over the years I have sat in many chairs like these — glad you got the last laugh!

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