Mystery Photo #67

I love Fridays!  More specifically, I love Fridays at 3pm when I am done work because I live for the weekends.  Nothing is better than knowing that I don’t have to go into work for two whole days :).

This weekend is going to be really busy for me because of our last minute vacation.  Mike has to work all day Saturday and Sunday, so I will be getting everything ready to leave for South Carolina on Thursday.  And I guess that means that I will have to get the mystery photo for next week ready ahead of time as we will be on the road Friday.

First things first though – it’s time for this week’s mind bender.  I’m sure most of you have seen one of these at some point or another in your lives, but I would have to say that they’re not that common anymore.  I also highly doubt you have one of these in your home, but then you never know, do you?  So, do you like all the little vague hints this week? LOL

Ready to dig deep?  I know you can do it – I have confidence in each and every one of you.  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #67

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44 Responses to Mystery Photo #67

  1. reception bell, do hotels and shops not have these anymore?

  2. beckyday6 says:

    A bell!

    DAMN. Someone got there before me. *sobs*

    I believe the time difference across the world is an unfair advantage!!!! I only just woke up… LOL! 😛

  3. TBM says:

    A bell you ring to get chocolate. Willy Wonka invented it.

  4. a ringy dingy bell you used to ring to get attention at stores, hotels etc. – my family wants one to get my attention but no way jose

    • Ya, just ignore them – that’s what I do. I was trying to ignore my hubby this morning so I could read my emails, but when he knows I’m trying to concentrate on something, he just talks more. I swear the man never shut up once from the time he dragged his ass out of bed until he went out the front door!!! LOL

  5. Jeff Sinon says:

    One of those little bells like on the counter at a store or hotel. You know, “ring bell for service.”

  6. It’s a bell that you find on the desk of a hotel.

  7. I thank you and think that you made it easy on us this week, particularly because I complain so much. I complain though in fun and this week I am complaining that I have nothing to complain about. Unless of course I am wrong, and this is really not a bell, and something from that intergalatic ship that you are so fond of boarding. I know you say you are going to the southern states–but are you really–or are you going for a whirl out of this world. Just askin’……

  8. ifleury says:

    it’s a bell that the teacher used to have on her desk to get our attention..haha..i have one at home that o stole from that teacher, hated that damn bell

  9. Titanic Buff says:

    For the sake of being different (and also to incur LouAnn’s wrath) I shall guess pepper grinder because that’s what I thought it was at first glance anyhow. 😉

  10. benzeknees says:

    This is a bell, like the kind you use to signal someone you require service. I think a lot of people ahead of me have the correct answer already.

  11. I can only think that you were taking pity on us this week and we are all happy that you did – our egos are now intact for the weekend and we will all be able to enjoy ourselves. I would like to meet your alien friends — do they like wine too?

    • She’s going to sneak in tomorrow and tell us that we were all wrong and it’s a funky pepper grinder, still it’s Friday night and the kids are in bed so it must be wine time.

  12. dorannrule says:

    A pressure cooker top! Ha! I think I finally got one! I am beyond excited.

  13. I feel so bad that I have to disappoint my good friend, Dor, this morning, but I am sorry to say that it is not the top of a pressure cooker :(. It is, in fact, a “ring bell for service” bell from our reception area at work. Oh boy, am I going to have a lot of happy blogging friends this morning, especially TBM and LouAnn who have been desperate to guess the mystery photo correctly just once LOL!! Congrats everyone!!

  14. I am having a celebratory glass of champagne– I do not care that it is not yet 7:30 a.m.– this could be the first and last time I get the mystery photo right! TBM are you going to join me?

  15. you are more than a good friend – you make me laugh, you cheer me up, and you keep me entertained–especially on Friday–I look forward to mystery photo even if I do complain–and you are right–it is never too early for champagne–although I may mix it with a little orange juice this morning

  16. TammyeHoney says:

    My first thought without scrolling was a drycleaner’s bell or a motel lol…as I looked at it the reminder of a candy dish with a dome lid came to mind also.

  17. benzeknees says:

    I nominated you for a couple awards, I hope you’ll have time to pass them on.

    • Thank you so much – I really appreciate it :). Unfortunately, I’ve kind of decided not to participate in the awards anymore because I have already received quite a few and have in return nominated many of my favourite blogs. I hope you won’t be upset with me :(.

      • benzeknees says:

        Not at all – don’t worry! I respect your decision not to participate – I will try to remember for the future, but memory is not all that good.

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