For the first time…

Mike and I always dreamed of being parents, and once our boys came along we devoted our lives to them because that’s what having a family meant to us.  While other parents were out partying on the weekends and dumping their kids with babysitters, we were at home spending quality time with ours.  We read to them, played catch outside, snuggled in bed on Saturday mornings, and whenever we could we planned little family vacations.

We never had the money to take expensive trips, but over many summers we took camping trips, rock hunting expeditions, visits to Niagara Falls to see the famous falls and Marineland, Sudbury to see the Big Nickel Mine and Science North, and Toronto to explore the Royal Ontario Museum and the Canadian National Exhibition.  We even managed a great trip to Florida one year after Christmas, and two years ago we visited my parents where they were wintering in South Carolina.  Each trip, whether large or small, created amazing memories for all of us that we will never forget.

However, the boys are pretty much grown now and are starting to build lives of there own, and as a result Mike and I are entering a new stage in our lives which leaves me with mixed feelings.  The opportunity has arisen again for us to visit my parents in South Carolina over March Break, but Bryan is away at college and Daniel would much rather stay home and play video games because let’s face it, he’s a teenage boy.  So, even though it won’t be the same without the whole family together for a vacation, I am really excited because this will be the first time that Mike and I have ever gone away by ourselves.  It’s hard to believe really, but we will be making plans based on what we want to do and not what might be fun for the boys.  I know I will worry like crazy while we are away because I am a mother, but I am also going to enjoy spending time alone with my best friend like we did when me met so many years ago.  It has been a long time!!

Here is a photo I took in March, 2011 on the beach at Isle of Palms, South Carolina.  Isn’t it beautiful there?  Oh, I can hear the ocean calling already :).

Sunrise on Isle of Palms

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36 Responses to For the first time…

  1. benzeknees says:

    Have a great first trip as an empty-nester!

  2. sayvan says:

    That is a great photo. I especially like the way the son is reflecting the water bubbles along the beach….. you will love the new phase…. my biggest worry now is what the house will look like when we return…. Party Animals!

  3. Cayley says:

    Don’t worry! I will take care of your baby! Have a great time, I am excited for you! xo

  4. ifleury says:

    dear Cindy, out of all the blogs you have written this one hits so close to home for me, for i remember when i went thru the same emotions. now it is even better as i am a grandmother and can’t wait for those special phone calls, NOT from my kids, but from my 7 and 5 yr. old boys!! You brought tears to my eyes when reading the one special sentence that has so much meaning and emotion… “I know I will worry like crazy while we are away because I am a mother, but I am also going to enjoy spending time alone with my best friend like we did when me met so many years ago.” Enjoy this new chapter and exciting journey in your life my dear friend ♥

    • Wow Irene, you brought tears to my eyes just reading your comment! I was very emotional writing this post, but I knew that my friends would understand what I am feeling because I know I’m not the only one to go through this. There are pros and cons to everything in life aren’t there? Thanks for being such a good friend :).

  5. That is a beautiful scene. It is difficult as the kids get older. My oldest is just getting his university acceptance letters in and I’m dreading his leaving next fall.

    • Thanks Edith :). When our oldest left for college in September, I thought my heart was going to break, and I sobbed all the way home. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, leaving him in Kitchener all by himself. However, he was so ready for it, and after a few weeks I could see that he was safe and happy and absolutely thriving on the independence, and it slowly became easier for me. I still miss him every day of course, but I am handling it far better than I ever thought I would. All I can say is thank goodness for the phone and the internet because he is enjoying his independence so much that he doesn’t come home very often LOL!!

  6. bulldog says:

    We still miss having the kids with us when we go off on a trip… and spend a lot of time and money phoning to tell them what they are missing… my kids are all grown up, married and have their own kids.. but we still miss the together outings…

  7. Enjoy yourselves – I know exactly what you are talking about, but a pesky lawsuit is keeping us from enjoying any vacations–but there is always the future –go and have a good time and bring back pics

  8. TBM says:

    Great shot. and good for you! This is your reward for being such great parents.

  9. Maybe you can convince your parents to spend a winter in Texas, and then you can come in March or April to visit them and see our many wildflowers.

  10. dorannrule says:

    You will have so much to blog about! And if you are footloose and want to explore more, think about heading my way too. Wouldn’t it be fun to actually meet?

  11. Oh wonderful!! Sounds (&looks) like it will be a great holiday!!! Have fun planning ‘your’ trip!!! 🙂 **

  12. ladyfi says:

    What a fabulous photo!

    We never use babysitters either – kids grow up far too quickly as it is.

  13. Great photo, and yes its time for you to spend some time on yourselves!!

    • Thank you :). You know, I think back now on the crazy busy years when the kids were little, when I never sat down until about 9 or 10 at night, and I don’t know how I did it LOL! So, it is nice for my hubby and I to be able to do something for ourselves again, but I will miss my babies :).

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