Mikey’s Toy

As you’ve probably figured out by now, we live in what is commonly referred to as the snowbelt, which means we tend to get a great deal of snow in the winter.  Knowing this and the fact that we live in a rural area, you would probably assume that we have always had a snowblower.  However, for 20 years we shoveled all of the snow by hand.  Not only are snowblowers expensive, but I was always a firm believer in shoveling being good exercise, especially since we have two healthy boys.  We are not winter sports people, so I refused to get a snowblower when my kids needed the exercise and  fresh air :).

However, the boys are going to be gone in a few years, and my hubby and I aren’t getting any younger, so I finally caved two years ago and let Mikey buy a new toy.  And I’ll tell you, when we had that storm last Friday we certainly got our money’s worth out of it.  In our “before the snowblower” years, our neighbours often took pity on us and blew out the end of the driveway after the snowplow went by leaving 3 feet of snow in its wake, especially when my boys were babies and I couldn’t leave them inside alone while I shoveled.  So, Mikey returned the favour by blowing out three other driveways besides our own on Friday and made some very happy people!!

Here are some pictures of Mikey out playing in the snow.

Snowblower 1

Snowblower 2

Snowblower 3

Snowblower 4

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24 Responses to Mikey’s Toy

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    One of the greatest inventions known to man! When our first, free hand-me-down, snowblower died two years ago my wife and I hesitated spending the money on new one. So glad we did as we had a heck of a snowy winter that year. The best $1,000+ we ever spent!

    • Jeff Sinon says:

      I have to add, my 48 year-old back thanks me every time I don’t have to shovel snow 🙂

      • I actually don’t mind shoveling at the beginning of winter when the banks in the driveway are tiny, but in bad years when the snowbanks grow to 5 or 6 feet high, I just can’t physically throw the snow over the top. Well, not without hurting m 47 year old back anyway :). So, I have to admit I’m actually kind of glad he wore me down about buying a snowblower!!

      • Jeff Sinon says:

        The problem with our driveway is that though it’s only about a car and half long, it is easily 4 cars wide. You just can’t throw snow that far with a shovel, you have to carry each shovel full around the cars and closer to the side, then throw it. We did that for the first couple of years. Then my in-laws offered us theirs since they go to Florida for the winter. It was sitting unused and I couldn’t say yes to the offer fast enough.

      • Yes, I would have to agree – 4 cars wide is definitely not conducive to shoveling :). Thank goodness for the in-laws!

  2. dorannrule says:

    Congratulations to Mikey, now the neighborhood hero! And what a great invention that snow blower is. Never mind shoveling for exercise. There’s always the Total Body Vibration machine! 🙂

  3. bulldog says:

    If I had one of those I’d be playing in the whole community… But I hate cold so don’t want one…

  4. benzeknees says:

    Snowblowers are amazing – we had one for the last few years before we moved into an apt. We moved into an apt. because hubby is getting too old to shovel & with my health problems I haven’t been able to shovel for years.

  5. TBM says:

    The last shot is cool! I’m confused though–shoveling snow as exercise. Seems more like torture to me. Especially, wet, heavy, snow. YUCK! And I love snow. I should visit in the winter 🙂

  6. ladyfi says:

    Oh, the shovelling kills my back and knees… How nice to help out the neighbours.

  7. Coming from the UK, I’d never heard of a snowblower until I went to Ottawa – they couldn’t believe I’d not seen one before! I loved watching it!! What a great invention!

    • At first that seemed so strange that you had never heard of a snowblower before, but then when I thought about it more it did make sense because large amounts of snow in the UK are rare aren’t they? We certainly love this invention here in the snowbelt :).

  8. zannyro says:

    awwwww..that Mikey…..he’s a good egg!

  9. beckyday6 says:

    Whoaaa that’s so cool! I could have hours of fun with one of those teehee. I guess the big question is, do you like snow? 😛

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