It’s beginning to look a lot like winter

I crossed my fingers.  I crossed my toes.  I even did the snow dance multiple times on Thursday, which trust me can be very embarrassing when done in front of people.  Finally, it worked.  It snowed hard enough that I was able to phone the boss and tell him it was too dangerous for me to come to work :).  He, of course, being a smartass, asked if he should have one of my co-workers pick me up.  Pffffft!!!  Just because other people want to risk their lives when the police are telling people to stay off the roads, doesn’t mean I want to!  So, yes I stayed home, and it was wonderful :).

It started out with me spending some time with my camera.  As soon as daylight arrived, I was outside trudging through snow above my knees, constantly drying off my lens as the snow was non-stop.  I think I captured the feeling of the storm with my photos, and I will share them with you over the next couple of days, but first let’s start with the story of  the snowplow that had a bad day.

One of the main reasons that I didn’t go to work was because there was easily 8 inches of snow blanketing our street, so we had to wait for the plow to arrive before we could go anywhere.  Because we live on a tiny side street, we were definitely not top priority  My next-door neighbour tried to plow her way through the fresh snow with her van to get her daughter to work, but she was stuck barely out of her driveway, and Mike and Daniel had to help push her back in so she wouldn’t get hit by the plow.  When the plow finally got to our street, there was a great deal of snow to remove, and the plow actually got stuck in the dead end at the end of our street.  I don’t know about you, but I always find it kind of funny when a snowplow gets stuck LOL!  I wonder if he was happy about me snapping these photos.

P.S.  Hey Suzanne, I thought you might get a smile out of the captions.  Maybe this would make a cute kids book LOL!!

Snowstorm 2

Yay, Mr. Snowplow has finally arrived!

Snowstorm 3

My helpful hubby, Mikey, clearing the driveway of the neighbour
who had been stuck on our street just before Mr. Snowplow arrived.

Snowstorm 4

Oh oh, be careful Mr. Snowplow, there’s a lot of snow in that deadend!

Snowstorm 5

Yup, he’s really stuck now. He should have listened to me LOL.

Snowstorm 6

Enter Little Blue Tractor to save the day!

Snowstorm 7

Thank you Little Blue Tractor, I think I’m good now :).

Snowstorm 8

Back to work!

Snowstorm 9

Bye Mr. Snowplow, see you next time :).

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18 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like winter

  1. dorannrule says:

    Kinda like The Little Engine that Could. Yep, you should do a children’s book. And I love Mike’s expression of disgust. What a good neighbor he is though. And how happy you sound to be home with your camera and watching the world through its slightly wet lens. 🙂 Love it. Wish I was there.

    • Mike had many grateful neighbours on Friday because he blew out 3 driveways besides ours. It was the least he could do though because for years we didn’t have a snowblower and had to shovel by hand, and our neighbours used to help us out too. We actually didn’t mind shovelling, but sometimes the banks can get so high you just can’t physically throw the snow over the top anymore. It’s still very pretty here today, but next week it is supposed to rain, so it will get very messy :(.

  2. benzeknees says:

    Love the pics! Glad it was you & not me that got all the snow! We’ve got our windows open here because it’s a few degrees above zero even in the evening. I see now why I thought you lived on a farm – there are no houses down at the end of your street, so it’s almost like you live in the bush. Hope you enjoyed your snow day!

    • Yes, it’s the best of both worlds really. We are in town which was great for the kids growing up and for us when we needed something quickly from the store, but it feels like we are out in the country :). I did enjoy my snow day very much. I had some photos that I had promised to send to my cousin, but I wanted to edit them first, so my snow day gave me the opportunity to get that done :).

  3. bulldog says:

    How can you live like that.??… I would die of cold… forget about going outside to shovel snow… plough or not…

    • Trust me, I go outside as little as possible in the winter LOL!! As you know, I am not a cold weather person, but many people around here love winter sports like skiing and snowmobiling, so they are ecstatic when we get a snowstorm. Truthfully, this is actually not a huge amount of snow. There have been years where we have had six foot snowbanks in our driveway, but Mother Nature has gone easier on us the last couple of winters :). It is an absolutely beautiful country though, and I love it here. Have you ever been to Canada?

      • bulldog says:

        No… but it is on my to do list… and to be honest will be in your summer…

      • You really must plan a trip to Canada! It’s such a massive country – I’ve lived here all of my life, and I have hardly seen any of it. We live in Ontario, and it is big enough that I haven’t even explored all of it yet. When the kids were little, we used to try and visit a different part of Ontario every summer during their summer vacation. We went to Alberta for our honeymoon because my hubby used to live there, and the mountains are spectacular. I would love to go back there again. The east coast provinces are supposed to be gorgeous too. I hope you get to make the trip some day :).

      • benzeknees says:

        Come to Alberta – you owe me some home baking! I’ll even put you up so you have a place to stay! Unfortunately, I live in Edmonton, so you don’t really see the mountains from here – but a short ride away & you’re in the mountains (Jasper).

  4. Now you have proof that you could not get to work — good childrens’ book idea

  5. zannyro says:

    And you just wrote your first book! SO cute when little blue tractor came and saved the day…I’ll bet he felt super pumped up all day!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😉

  6. TBM says:

    Mike is such a gentleman!

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