Mystery Photo #64

Wahooooo!!!!!  Snow day :).  All day yesterday they kept talking about this big snowstorm coming, but when I got up this morning it didn’t seem that bad out.  However, appearances can be deceiving can’t they?  It may not be a blizzard outside, but it has been snowing steady all night and is expected to continue all day.  Outside it just looks like there is a white velvet cloak over everything.  So, my husband is always the first one to leave in the morning, and when he went out to start his car, he turned around and came right back in because there is a good 10 inches of snow in the road that has not been plowed yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the plow takes its time in coming :).

Now on to the mystery photo.  Some of you might think that it’s easy for me to post a mystery photo every week, but you would be surprised how hard it actually is.  I mean there are certain factors to consider.  It certainly wouldn’t be fair if I took a close-up photo of an abstract piece of art, for instance, because there is no way that anybody would be able to identify it.  Then sometimes I get an idea, but when I take the picture it becomes obvious that everyone will know what it is.  Also, I tend to find myself going back to the same ideas week after week and have to remind myself that I’ve already done something along those lines.

This week I came up with something really different but quite common; however, it was very, very difficult to photograph, which you will understand after I reveal the answer tomorrow.  Therefore, the quality is not the greatest, but I’m really curious to see if anyone can guess this correctly.  Are you up to the challenge?  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #64

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41 Responses to Mystery Photo #64

  1. Ooh, this is a tricky one. It’s certainly rusty but other than something like a rusty old printer I’m pretty lost, maybe it’s an artificial vine for growing tomatoes. No then I give up.

  2. looks familiar but cannot really place it — hope you get a snow day!

  3. Holy crap, did we ever get a lot of snow! I just went outside to play with Mikey, but I didn’t last very long. It’s snowing and blowing and really cold!! I stayed out just long enough to snap some pictures and left him out there to blow the driveway. What a good hubby he is :).

  4. TBM says:

    I’m happy about your snow day! woohooo and I want some cake. Not happy about the photo–what in the heck is that thing?

  5. zannyro says:

    I have NO idea what that is………Can’t wait to see pictures of “the big snow”!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stay warm Snow Bunny 🙂

  6. that’s not your toothbrush is it? you know we are supposed to replace them every six months. who is your dentist? I am going to send this to him. If you have your chocolate cake, then you must brush you teeth with a new toothbrush!

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Humm…not sure on this one.
    Stay warm out there, seems like everybody is getting snow.

  8. we got mostly rain, and a little tiny bit of snow–but we do live in the SunParlour of Canada

  9. J. G. Burdette says:

    Rusty stake?

  10. You’ve stumped me on this one. Stay warm. I’m up to my knees in snow here today too. We had to shovel a path in the backyard for Brady (he’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) because the snow is higher then he is.

  11. beckyday6 says:

    Is it the inside bit of a toaster???

  12. Ok, LouAnn, don’t get your knickers in a knot LOL!! I was busy relaxing in bed going through all of the store flyers and being depressed over the fact that my weight is up from the 2 donuts and big chunk of chocolate cake I ate yesterday :). Back to the diet today!! And the winner is……..for the first time ever………in the history of the mystery photo…….BECKY!!!!!! It is a shot taken looking down into the inside of a toaster. Great job Becky because that was a really, really hard one. I am very impressed that you figured it out :).

  13. yay Becky — once you mentioned it I knew it was right–I have peered into my toaster many times–it is like meditation for me

  14. benzeknees says:

    I’m so late & I knew what it was, but couldn’t get here in time! Glad you got your snow day. I’m working backward getting caught up on posts so I’ve already seen your snow pics.

  15. I’m late to the party but I NEVER would have guessed the inside of a toaster! Wow!

    I was in Toronto for the snowstorm and so happy I didn’t miss it. It was a beauty! Donut appetizers and chocolate cake for lunch are the perfect menu for a day like that. Sadly, I didn’t venture out and my husband stayed in Florida when I went home for three weeks, so a can of consommé was as good as it got for me!

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