Breaking the Ice

The weather has been really up and down around here lately.  One day it’s freezing rivers solid and the next it’s so warm that the ice breaks and flows in chunks down the waterways.  We heard that the river running through Grand Valley, Ontario had done just that, so on our way to Kitchener last weekend to see Bryan and Cayley, we stopped to grab some photos.   The ice wasn’t in the huge pieces we had been told about anymore, but it was still quite the sight.  You’ll get the idea what it must have looked like a few days before though with the last photo as a huge slab of ice balances on a much smaller one.

Now, there is apparently a big snowstorm approaching for tomorrow, and all I can say is that if it’s going to storm, it just better storm enough to snow me in so that I can’t make it to work :).  I think that’s only fair Mother Nature!

Snow & Ice 1

Snow & Ice 2

Snow & Ice 3

Snow & Ice 4

Snow & Ice 5

Snow & Ice 6

Snow & Ice 7

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18 Responses to Breaking the Ice

  1. benzeknees says:

    That big piece of ice on top of the little one almost looks like a kayak or paddle board, doesn’t it? We have had the same weather here, although mostly warm there are a few very cold days mixed in.

  2. Yes, it definitely does :). You’re so lucky that the warmer days outnumber the really cold days. It seems to be the other way around for us lately. I can’t wait for Spring!!

  3. bulldog says:

    Well for your sake I hope it snows you in… who can work in the cold like that… the photos a great specially the last one… but boy that water is not one to take a quick swim in…

  4. TBM says:

    Lovely shots. Would love to see The Thames like this, but I don’t think that happens much if at all. Fingers crossed for a snow day!

    • Thanks TBM :). Do you have your toes crossed too? I need some time off because I got a new program on my computer and my iPhone to ORGANIZE all of my DVD’s and BluRay’s and I still need to finish scanning them all in and doing all of the finishing touches :). Thought you might like that LOL!!

      • TBM says:

        I do think you need a rest. In a nice quiet place with doctors and nurses. Have some jello and listen to soothing music

      • LOL!! You’re just jealous of my organizing skills aren’t you?? 🙂

      • TBM says:

        Don’t get worked up or they won’t give you any jello.

      • Mmmmmm jello!!! Can it be the red kind? By the way, you really have to read 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It’s a huge book, but it’s fabulous. I had forgotten what an amazing writer he is :), and I love how he really challenges your brain while you are reading. I mean, this is a concept you really have to wrap your mind around. History and a mind warp all in one book – I love it!

    • TBM says:

      That was one of the last books I purchased before my book buying ban. And even though you doubted me, I’ve gone five weeks without buying a book. Of course I have stayed away from bookshops. I think there’s a connection 🙂 How long did it take you to read it? I have a couple of books I need to get done. too bad when I had the flu I couldn’t read. My head hurt too much. Miles and I watched a ton of movies instead–nice, quiet movies.

      • Five weeks?!?! I’m very impressed :). Staying away from the stores helps, but I’ve also been getting bad for buying them online because here they are much cheaper online than they are in the store. As for 11/22/63, I haven’t finished it yet because it’s over 800 pages – I’m about half way through. You would think that being so lengthy it would get tedious and possibly boring, but I am enjoying every page!!

  5. the further north you are the more you are supposed to get hit, so they say–we are supposed to just get 1 to 3 inches but they are generally wrong, so we will probably get hit and you will just get a smidgen
    great photos btw

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