Dreaming of Summer

Sunshine, no coats, soaring mercury, no boots, flowers in bloom, no hats and gloves, monarch butterflies gathering nectar, no twice daily application of body lotion to stop the dry skin itching.  Yes, it’s the time of year when I whine about the weather and dream of summertime.  Ahhhh, summertime – my favourite time of the year :).

As I haven’t really had any recent photo ops (maybe because I hate with a passion going out in the cold), I decided to dig into the archives and find one of my best warm weather photos to share with you.  Just looking at this butterfly perched on an echinacea flower makes me forget the yucky white stuff outside the window.  Hopefully the weatherman is right and we will be into the double digits by the weekend.  I know it won’t last long and it’s still a long time until Spring in my part of the world, but some above normal temperatures and some sunshine would be very good for my soul right about now.

Butterfly and Coneflower Echinacea

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36 Responses to Dreaming of Summer

  1. irene fleury says:

    thx Cindy, needed that ❤

  2. That’s an incredible shot Cindy. Love it. Oh and I agree with you…I hate the cold too. It was beautiful today and hopefully will remain like this all weekend.

  3. as someone said–spring is only nine weeks away

  4. Jacqui says:

    Beautiful photo! You should come down to Australia. It’s pretty hot down here at the moment! 🙂

  5. TBM says:

    Great shot! But it’s only January. I’m worried about your sanity if you are already dreaming of summer. I would invite you to London, but it isn’t that warm here either. No snow at least.

  6. Jeff Sinon says:

    Beautiful photo Cindy, but you bite your tongue young lady! I am nowhere near done in the snow covered mountains yet!!! 😀

  7. beckyday6 says:

    Ohhh wow, that’s awesome!

  8. Yahobahne says:

    Well I’m hoping via this comment, some of this east coast mid 60’s weather reaches there in a hurry! Zoooooom💨💨
    ‘Til then, I’m loving that photo! 🙂

  9. zannyro says:

    Ooooooohhh,,this makes me think that there is hope that spring will come again 🙂

  10. dorannrule says:

    Me too – dreaming of summer – dreaming of a sunny beach too – and a lot of basking. 🙂

  11. adrienphoto says:

    fantastic picture ! very nice job !

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