Mystery Photo #58

The pressure, the stress!!!  I can’t take it anymore!  I was hardly out of bed this morning before there was a message from LouAnn saying that her and Mr. Bunny Chow and TBM were all waiting for the mystery photo.  Well, I have to be honest.  My days are all out of whack because of Christmas and not working, and today we are rushing around getting ready to go to a funeral unfortunately, so I totally forgot about the mystery photo.  Yikes!!

However, as I am a totally dependable blogger :), I will not disappoint my followers. Even last minute I think I found a really good one.  Since everyone is all relaxed and rested up after Christmas, I’m expecting some  very sharp minds this morning.  Ok, ready, set, go….

Mystery Photo #58

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36 Responses to Mystery Photo #58

  1. I’m tempted to wait but I’ll just have to be a show off and say it’s the end of a Christmas cracker. Merry Christmas all, three cheers to the mystery photo.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Mr. Bunny Chow!! Where the heck are LouAnn and TBM?? Did they give up on me and go back to bed?? LOL

  3. J. G. Burdette says:

    It definitely looks like a cardboard something. Perhaps the remnants of something to do with Christmas presents?

  4. The inside of a box that held something. Packaging of some sort. I know a lame guess.

  5. I know this one without looking at anyone else’s answer–it is the inside of a Christmas cracker–this has got to be it –absolutely–without a doubt–I am certain.

  6. My family has been driving me crazy this morning looking for lost boots and trying on heavy winter coats and messing up my house by walking through it without taking their shoes off–or I would have been here much sooner. I see Mr. Bunny read my mind and guessed the same as I did–even if he is sleep deprived he can read my mind (what is left of it).

  7. obviously I am supposed to be doing something else right now–but this is much more fun

  8. beckyday6 says:


  9. benzeknees says:

    I would like to agree with everyone else who thought this was the inside of a Christmas cracker except I have never seen one with a bent wood piece for pulling. So I’m going to guess it’s the inside packaging for a travel mug or some other type of cup.

  10. Tammy says:

    i never would have guessed in a million years since I don’t even know what you this christmas cracker thingy is. LOL

  11. Well I must say that these mystery photo Fridays would not be near as entertaining without my blogging buddies. You guys were hilarious once again!! Many of you got it right this week – it was in fact a Christmas cracker – but I have to give this one to Mr. Bunny Chow as he was the first correct guess. Sorry LouAnn, nice try, but Bunny did get it correct before you, even though you think he read your mind LOL!!! And, as for the answer that made me laugh the most, that goes to Becky with her “Christmas cracker pulley thing that makes it go boom!”. Finally, Tammy are you serious that you don’t know what a Christmas cracker is?!?! It’s tubular and made out of cardboard and paper decorated for Christmas. In each end is a cardboard stick, and when you pull both ends it makes a mild firecracker type sound. Then you rip it open and there is a paper hat to wear, a little toy, and a joke written on a piece of paper. They were always part of our Christmas traditions – they make the table look festive and they are just goofy fun :).

  12. Is it a wheel from Fred Flintstone’s car…?

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