Mystery Photo #56

Anyone who follows my mystery photos knows that certain bloggers (cough cough – TBM and LouAnn) keep pressuring me to pick easy photos so that they will be able to guess correctly without cheating.  However, like a good parent I feel that I have a responsibility to challenge my children and not make things too easy for them.  It’s called “tough love”.  I have confidence in them and know that the more they try the better they will get!! 🙂

So, without further ado, here is this week’s mystery photo, which I think is going to fry your brains LOL!!  I can’t wait to hear the guesses for this one!  Ok, ready, set, go…..

Mystery Photo #56

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34 Responses to Mystery Photo #56

  1. oh dear, it looks like I’m going to have to apply logic and some guesswork this week as I don’t know it right off the bat. TBM and LouAnn don’t copy me this time.

    right so it’s obviously something rather worn and fibrous, leather or reformed wood at a guess, the base or middle bit appears to be ceramic and the hole strategically placed for drainage.

    oh stuff it I’m just making this stuff up

    A hanging flower basket?

    No, oh well my run had to end sometime you’ve got me stumped.

  2. and not enough sleep doesn’t help, Mrs BC got the worst of it though

  3. okay now–you are just irritating me–is it something from Santa’s sleigh? Mr. Bunny–we need you–your first answer was a little lame for you–come on back–I think it is lack of sleep. Okay–I am gong to put on my thinking cap–okay that is what it is–you stole my thinking cap–it has holes in it to let the good ideas flow; or holes that let out all my good ideas; it lets my brain breathe–okay I will be back and try to be a little less lame–you know I went to graduate school–it sure doesn’t show here (the question is–what graduate school?)

  4. dorannrule says:

    My brain is definitely fried.! 🙂

  5. It’s a button??? Maybe these should Mystery Monday’s as I think better on Mondays 🙂

  6. The bottom of a lamp or candle holder perhaps?

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Not sure what this is. Something red right?! 😉

  8. TBM says:

    I like Phil’s answer: something red. You have to give us at least half a point for that!

  9. At first I though it was a Rosette Iron–you know, those weird cookies fried on the iron? But I’m not sure…

  10. A present’s ribbon/bow?

  11. benzeknees says:

    My original thought was a Christmas ornament made from a pop can cut out, but the bottom was too thick for that. Not having an idea of scale, I think this might be a pillar candle holder?

  12. come on then put us out of our misery

  13. Ok Mr. Bunny Chow, your Fruit of the Looms are snugged up a little too tight. Relax!! LOL

    I got you guys good this week didn’t I? I was starting to get disappointed in myself because someone was always guessing correctly the last few weeks. I needed to find something harder, and I did it!! Now the funny thing is that if any of you had gone to my Facebook page, you would have found the right answer because one person guessed correctly right after I posted the picture. I couldn’t believe it! Ok, here it is. This photo was taken looking down inside an empty corner pocket of a pool table. Was that a good mystery photo or what?? 🙂

  14. -like I would have ever guessed that–boo00000000- boooooooooooooooo
    -now I really am going to send you my address and you can send me some of your chocolate stash
    -the inside of an empty corner pocket of a pool table –what do you think we are pool sharks–I can’t even play Marco Polo right
    I must say young lady that I am getting tired of this game–what– I have guessed right twice–not a very good average – Mr. Bunny and TBM and I are coming to your house and we are going to steal your stash–that is right–we are going to take it right out of the stockings you have filled!

  15. zannyro says:

    You know I never get these right……tell me! Tell me! I won’’t tell anyone!!

  16. benzeknees says:

    This was the best one yet! I wasn’t even close. Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas!

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