His name is Pilot and he can fly!!

This post is for my friend, Suzanne, at A Window Into The Woods, whose love of horses has made her a successful author.

Last Saturday I posted one of many pictures I took while visiting Mike’s sister, Rhonda, at the horse farm where she works.  It is a very picturesque location and is often used as a location for wedding photography.  However, the most important residents at Tralee are the horses.  Now you have to keep in mind that I am very, very allergic to horses and therefore don’t often develop any close friendships with horses.  I can only appreciate their beauty from afar :(.  However, when I saw this gorgeous creature curiously watching us drive by, I just knew I had to meet him.  Rhonda told me his name is Pilot, and I approached slowly while talking to him quietly, snapping shots every step of the way.  The closer I got, the more interested he became, until his nose was almost touching the lens of my camera.

I felt really bad because I had no treats for him, and I couldn’t touch him or I would have been sick for days.  He didn’t seem to mind though and very patiently posed for many photos.  Here are two of my favourites – isn’t he handsome?

Pilot 1

Pilot 2

Now, I know you are still wondering about my title.  Pilot can fly??  Why yes he can!!  I wanted to experiment with some continuous action shots, and I love to see horses in motion, so Rhonda got Pilot running, and I started snapping.  He was absolutely beautiful to watch, and I was ecstatic later on when I reviewed my photos and saw that I had actually captured this shot where Pilot’s hooves are not even touching the ground.  I told you he could fly!  The lighting and colours are not the best in this shot, but I absolutely love it!!

Pilot 3

When we returned to the car that afternoon, Rhonda was shaking her head.  She was totally amazed because apparently Pilot does not take to strangers at all, but he became my new best horse friend that day.  What a wonderful experience!

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31 Responses to His name is Pilot and he can fly!!

  1. zannyro says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Your images are just AWESOME!! And the four feet off the ground,,,I’m SPEECHLESS!! You are the horse whisperer from the sounds of it……..sure you couldn’t take a massive allergy pill and spend time with them??? You took a big risk, that day Stumper…be careful with your allergic little self..( and thanks for the awesome mention 🙂 🙂 :))

    • You are so very welcome :). I am in awe of your horse photos, and I couldn’t wait to share Pilot with you. I’m so glad you liked them!! Unfortunately, an allergy pill wouldn’t even help, but at least I can take pictures :).

      • zannyro says:

        You wouldn’t have done well if you’d been with me today…I visited the horses, and Bob kept getting in my face and TRIED TO BITE ME!! REPEATEDLY…..I soon realized that he wanted to “play”….when I wouldn’t, he went over and pestered Mac, so I took some photos..hilarious… Just love Pilot..especially the name!!!!!

      • zannyro says:

        Truly though, your photos were awesome 🙂 🙂

      • Awww, thanks Suzanne. Coming from you that means a great deal to me :). Sounds like you had an interesting visit with Bob – can’t wait to see the photos!

  2. megtraveling says:

    That is a really amazing picture – what a beautiful horse!

  3. you captured him beautifully–both in action and not–nice work

  4. bulldogsturf says:

    Now that last shot is fantastic… are you getting like Suzanne now… making me feel as though I can’t get a decent photo of a horse.??? love these …really good…

  5. dorannrule says:

    Oooooh! I can see why you had meet Pilot up close and personal. What a charmer! And that last shot of Pilot flying is something to behold. Maybe if you visit the horses a little each day, your system will adjust and the allergies will disappear….like building up an immunity. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, horses and cats have always been my worst allergies. When I first met Mike, his sister took me for a ride on her horse one afternoon. It was great fun, but I was sick for days afterwards, so I have learned to keep my distance. Pilot was so cute though that I took a chance with closeups.

  6. Excellent shots Cindy and that last shot…just an amazing capture.

  7. TBM says:

    Ah he’s gorgeous. For some reasons horses and I don’t get along, but they are beautiful animals. You should write a children’s story about Pilot. a horse that can fly would be cute!

  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    Wow! Pilot sure can fly! Tremendous photos of this magnificent animal!

  9. GREAT shots! Glad you made such a good friend!

  10. sayvan says:

    Great captures….

  11. dogear6 says:

    Thanks for following my blog and liking so many of my posts. I really have to apologize for not making it over here sooner to visit you – you have some gorgeous work! So many gorgeous shots and some great write-ups too. I look forward to following you back.


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