Mystery Photo #55

I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but I almost forgot about the mystery photo this week!!  Shame on me, I know!

You see, I had very exciting news last week that I won an iPad 4 (Yayyyyyyy :)), and when I got home today I was so busy arranging delivery details with the courier company and wrapping Christmas presents that I totally forgot about the mystery photo.  I didn’t even have an idea yet, but don’t worry, I would never let my followers down because I know how much everyone enjoys the mystery photo on Fridays :).  Plus I enjoy the comments more than you will ever know!  They always start off my weekend perfectly.

Ok, it’s time – ready, set, go………

Mystery Photo #55

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24 Responses to Mystery Photo #55

  1. I’m not so confident this week but I’ll go for taco shells

  2. Congratulations on the iPad win! I say taco shells also.

  3. I say taco shells as well.

  4. dorannrule says:

    Just to be different, I will say butter slices! Hurrah for you on winning the IPad. Was it a photo contest?

  5. Ok so I feel a little bit more confident now is it wrong to be smug that I’ve got it three weeks in a row?

  6. bulldogsturf says:

    What are tacos… a type of crisp???

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    I’m voting tacos shells as well. Congrats on the ipad win!

  8. Taco shells- and I did not look at anyone else’s answer first. Okay, I went and looked now and see that Mr. Bunny answered the same thing so I know I am right.
    Congrats on the IPad!
    I cannot believe you almost forgot us–I am so forlorn that you do not put us first, before everything else in your life–we are witty and clever and we all love chocolate (which I have noticed none of us has received yet).
    Listen girl, attention must be paid–new IPad, or no new IPad–you must take care of your followers or the cult will fall apart!

  9. J. G. Burdette says:


    And congratulations on your win.

  10. zannyro says:

    Taco shells all the way…and I didn’t look at anybody else’s answers before I decided on my answer…..AND YOU WON AN IPAD????????????? WOO-HOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hey Missy Looney Tunes–where are you with the answer–we can’t wait all day!

  12. Thank you so much for all the congrats on my iPad win (I love it!), and my apologies to everyone for taking so long to reveal the answer for the mystery photo :). Some people (LouAnn) are a little impatient this morning LOL!!!, but I think she will forgive me when she finds out why I was delayed. My baby came home from college yesterday for the weekend, so I didn’t even touch my computer last night because I haven’t had him home since Thanksgiving (beginning of October here in Canada), and we had a lot of catching up to do. It’s so nice to hear his voice around the house again :). He has to go back to school to do his exams next week, and then he is home for Christmas for 3 weeks. Yayyyyyy!!! The funny thing is that before he went to college, he wanted to do his own thing and not hang out with Mom & Dad all the time, but now that he doesn’t see us so much, I think he enjoys our company more. So, last night he came for a drive with us to do some errands and then he sat and watched a movie with us. It was awesome!! This morning he is having some Dad and son time because we realized two of his tires on his car were fairly bald, so they went tire shopping. You know, manly stuff :).

    Ok, on to the mystery photo. The majority of you got it right this week – it is hard taco shells stacked together when you first take them out of the package. I thought this would be fairly easy, but then I wondered if everyone knows what tacos are. Let’s face it, we have followers from all over the world, and not everyone eats the same things. Sure enough, Bulldog asked what tacos are, and here is the answer: Tacos originated in Mexico and usually consist of meat and/or vegetables chopped and wrapped in a tortilla (either corn or flour). Sometimes the tortilla is fried crisp in a fold so the chopped meat and veggies are held in the middle. Sometimes they stay soft and the meat and veggies are wrapped in the soft tortilla.

    Great job this week everyone!! I’m going to have to put on my thinking cap for next week!

  13. No no not that – don’t put on your thinking cap–that means you will try to make it hard–and I am on a roll. So glad and jealous your son is home–mine will be home next weekend until New Years–then I will be a very happy camper. Enjoy his visit–I have not seen Tyler since Thanksgiving either and that is just a little too long–times like these I wish I drove more than twenty mile from home!

  14. benzeknees says:

    I’m way too late on this, but my immediate thought was taco shells too, so I would have been right. I’ll try not to get so far behind again.

  15. TBM says:

    So you wait for me to go on vacation to have an easy one. I wouldn’t have had to cheat to get this one right!

    • So you say after reading all the answers LOL!!! It’s funny you know – I knew this wasn’t a really hard one, but I still didn’t expect so many people to get it right. You guys always surprise me. Watch, next week I will do one that I think is really really easy and nobody will get it :).

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