Settle down Sandy!!

What kind of a name for a hurricane is Sandy?  Sandy is a friendly name, evoking images of sweet, innocent Sandy from the movie, Grease, but this hurricane is anything but friendly! Although we are not going to be hit near as hard where I live as they are being hit on the American north-east coast, the problem here is the temperature.  It is only 1° Celcius here right now in Southern Ontario, the rain is starting, and we are under a wind warning.  To add to this, it rained all weekend long, and as a result the ground is completely saturated already, so more rain is not a good thing.  Who knows, we might even get hit with snow with how cold it is, and if the power goes out from the high winds, it’s going to get very cold really fast, and we don’t have a generator or even a fireplace!!  I’m crossing my fingers for all of the people in Sandy’s path on the coast and hoping that Sandy takes a valium and settles down before she gets here.

In the meantime, because it’s not exactly photography weather, I decided to revisit my archives.  To brighten up a yucky night, here are some cheery shots of a rose from a bouquet that Mike gave to me back in 2009 on our anniversary.  I took the bloom outside, stuck the stem into the ground, and sat on the lawn snapping shots from different angles and distances.  Roses are just gorgeous don’t you think?  They make me forget about the weather outside :).

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27 Responses to Settle down Sandy!!

  1. Stay safe . . . and warm.

  2. Beautiful images Cindy. Stay safe!

  3. benzeknees says:

    Stay warm & dry. They are talking about severe snow storms following the rain & wind & into Canada. Pile on the blankets – maybe grab a space heater while you can?

    • We will try – thank you!! My husband remembered today that his dad bought a small generator just before he passed away a few years ago, and it has been sitting in a storage unit ever since. So, he grabbed it on the way home today just in case we need it. It has never been started, so hopefully it works :).

  4. I love that you want Sandy to take a valium–me too. We are probably going to get hit about like you, except our temps are in the low 40’s. My furnace is broken so we are making do with a space heater right now–so I hope we do not lose even that. Love the rose–especially the second last one.

  5. zannyro says:

    GOR-GEE-OUS- IMAGES!! I hate that you’re having the cold….although we are too and the wind is just ripping through here! The rain is yet to come, but it’s on it’s way….STAY WARM AND STAY SAFE 🙂 xoxo

    • Same to you!! Apparently the winds are getting really bad here already because my hubby just heard that a woman in Toronto was hit by a sign flying by and was killed :(. Can you believe that? And we’re just at the beginning of it so far. I’m just staying inside and crossing my fingers that the power doesn’t go out :). Glad you liked the photos!

  6. dorannrule says:

    Did you ever hear the expression, “you are a caution?” Cindy, you are a caution – meaning, you always make me laugh, even in the face of foul weather. And this post makes Ontario sound like Virginia…. same scenario here – light rain, big wind gusts, maybe snow, getting cold and colder. Stay safe. Stay warm. Keep sharing pictures of beautiful roses! 🙂

    • If I can make at least one person laugh every day, then I am happy :). I am just so thankful right now that I don’t live in New York City, and I just hope that everyone there got out when they could and that nobody gets hurt!!

  7. bulldogsturf says:

    One…. glad to hear you are not in the face of Sandy…
    two…. I hope you stay warm and the power is not disrupted…
    three… why do they give these super storms a woman’s name?? is it because she is angry and needs that valium????
    four… I hope all bloggers in her path are safe and well looked after….
    five… the USA has come up with so many things to cure problems… can’t they find one to stop these type storms… drop a bomb in the middle and disrupt the circular motion or something…
    six…. talked enough nonsense now so I’m going to stop….

    • Well, it’s Tuesday morning here now, and although it is very cold and windy with rain off and on all night, our power remained on!! Compared to the US east coast, we got off quite lucky, and I sure don’t envy them for the cleanup they have ahead of them. I just hope everyone is safe!! I really like your #5 idea – I mean, we can do everything else, so why not that?

  8. zelmare says:

    Although I like inclement weather, this sounds scary… Gorgeous photos! I agree, roses are special. 🙂

  9. Love the photos!!! & yes – Sandy sounds soooooo sweet & innocent…. Thinking of everyone up there… Really hope the experts are wrong!! 😦 **

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos Xandre :). Unfortunately for New York City, the experts were correct. Last night I heard, among other things, that the subways were flooded and even the stock exchange was flooded. Thank goodness they had an emergency plan and evacuated so many people before the storm hit. I think it could have been a lot worse!!

  10. TBM says:

    Love the roses…much gentler than a hurricane. I hope all is well and stay safe.

    • Thanks TBM :). We were very lucky where we are, just high winds and some rain. Some areas around us lost power, but ours never even flickered. Phew! I hear Toronto got it pretty bad though, but still nothing compared to New York City. Wow, they weren’t kidding that it was going to be a bad one!! The clean up is not going to be fun, that’s for sure :(.

  11. Inspired and pretty says:

    Beautiful, beautiful shots ! I love them all ! My favourite is the last one. Have a great week !

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