Watch out on the roads!!

An exciting event took place last Friday which has been severely overshadowed by this stupid flu bug running rampant through our house.  My youngest son, Daniel,  got his G1!!! For all of you outside of Ontario, that is his learner’s permit for driving, and he can now drive as long as their is a fully licensed person in the car with him.

It was bad enough when my older son, Bryan, got his G1, but this is my baby!!  He is also the family clown, goofball, hambone, and all around nutcase, who keeps us in stitches all the time.  Check out this picture of him when he was about 8 years old.  Wan’t he adorable? Kind of looks like Popeye doesn’t he? LOL

How can the years have gone by so fast that he is actually old enough and mature enough to get behind the wheel of a car?!?!  Wan’t it just yesterday that he was learning how to walk?  Some days I just shake my head in disbelief that I have one son away at college and the other learning how to drive.  I miss my little babies so much, but I am extremely proud of the wonderful men they are becoming.

Daniel and I are still sick, so we both stayed home again today.  This morning I realized that Daniel has had his G1 for 4 days now but has not been out driving yet.  So, I decided that a little fresh air might do us some good, and I asked him if he wanted to have his first lesson. He jumped at the idea and wouldn’t even wait for me to have a shower.  Knowing that he has zero experience driving, I drove up the road to our local arena, parked the car, and switched places with Daniel.  We started out with the basics of where all the controls are in the car, and I warned him of the common mistakes that most first time drivers make at one point or another, like mistaking the accelerator for the brake for example.  Then he was off circling the large parking lot, a little heavy on the accelerator at first, but he quickly corrected that.  Well, I’ll tell you, this kid’s a natural!  I was never close to a heart attack at all, nor did I gain any new gray hairs.  He was doing so well that we ventured out onto the streets, where he drove from one end of town to the other, ending up back at our house without a single scratch or ding on my car.  Phew!!

When the car was parked and shut off, Daniel turned to me and asked, “So, how old do you feel now Mom?”  Cute kid eh? LOL

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28 Responses to Watch out on the roads!!

  1. zelmare says:

    I remember that so well! Something I’m glad I’m done with, but it wasn’t too bad (especially not now looking back at it all) Glad you’re feeling slightly better. 🙂

    • Things never seem as bad when we look back on them do they? LOL!! There are pros and cons to every stage of parenting, I think, but what I really miss is the feeling of my babies cuddled up in my arms. I don’t think I will ever stop missing that! Now, although I know they still love me, they are just too cool to snuggle up to Mom anymore :). Daniel has been quite huggy this week though because he’s sick LOL.

  2. Hahaha… congrats to Daniel!!! & glad you’re feeling better today!!! We’ll have to re-do all our tests for our driving licenses… 😦 At least (if I understand correctly), our process is much shorter than the actual years it actually takes to acquire a full license!! We only have to do the written test & then the road test!! No 2year “half” license or anything… at least, that’s how I understand it!!! 🙂 **

    • It has changed a lot since I learned to drive here. When I turned 16, I took a written test which gave me my “365”. Then I did the driving test, and I had my full licence! It’s a much longer process now, and insurance rates for boys are absolutely ridiculous!! They assume that young boys are going to be crazy drivers, so they jack their rates up. They should really treat them all the same, and then if they screw up, put their rates up then. The longer process is a bit of a pain, but for teenagers I think it’s probably a good idea because some learn to be good drivers faster than others :). Do you think maybe the process will be different and shorter for you since you already have licences from another country? I sure hope so, for your sake :).

      • Yes, I believe that because we have our licenses for longer than 5years – the process is simply a written &road test! Apparently we just have to convince them that we do have adequate driving experience… still not looking forward to repeating this process!! (Kind of thought I was done with it!!…) Oh well…

      • You’ll do fine, I know it :). Just ask around to find the best place to take your test. We have found around here that some drive test centres are known to be harder than others, and if it’s the same in Alberta as it is in Ontario, you can take the tests wherever you want.

  3. I absolutely hated it when my kids started driving. Talk about something new to worry about! I am glad that you clarified that this was a photo of your son when he was 8, because my first thought was boy, they start driving young in Canada 🙂

    • LOL – you are too funny!! I was just reminiscing and looking at photos of him when he was little because I can’t believe he is 16 already. And I know what you mean about worrying because not only did my older son go away to college this year but he also has a car with him. Yikes!! Wasn’t going away enough worry for me?? I know he’s a good driver, but he grew up in a small town and now he is driving in a city! He, of course, thinks I worry too much :).

  4. bulldogsturf says:

    Yes the days fly for some unknown reason… I said to my son (my baby 35 years old) who’s child is 14 months old… “stay awake Boy, it wont be long then shes in school and then the car is gone, and you will stand and shake your head and say where the hell did she go”

    • I know! Sometimes I just want to turn the clock back to when I held them in my arms and they looked up at me with that unconditional love. However, on the other hand, I am really starting to enjoy some new found freedom :).

  5. benzeknees says:

    I remember taking some of my kids out driving & since I was the only one who could drive a standard transmission, if they wanted to learn standard it was all me. It’s funny, I can vividly remember the first time my parents took me out for driving practice & how I took a very wide curve, ending up on the wrong side of the street & everyone was screaming. How quickly the time flies!

    • There were a couple of times when I took my older son out driving that it ended up with me screaming too LOL!! I can laugh about it now, but I sure didn’t then :). And yes, you are so right – time does fly!

  6. you are a brave woman who has made a son very happy — not a cure for the flu, but a good antidote anyway.

  7. Jeff Sinon says:

    Please give us a heads up when the roads are safe again 😛

  8. TBM says:

    I hope you feel better soon! And I wish Daniel well…He’s not planning on driving in London right 🙂

  9. zannyro says:

    WHAT a character!! cute!…..So much happening for you, whew!!!

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