Mystery Photo #45

It’s Friday once again, and I am so glad to see the end of this week because I have been fighting a nasty cold.  There’s nothing worse than being sick on the weekend, so I am really glad that I seem to be over the worst of it now.  Plus, I’m just glad that I got it over with before Thanksgiving, which is only two weeks away for us here in Canada.  So, bring on the weekend!!

Friday also means that it is mystery photo day, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to stump all of you this time (crosses fingers).   This is a tough one, but I’ll give you one clue.  This is something that many of us use on a daily basis nowadays and would be lost without it. There, is that vague enough for you?!?! LOL.  Come on, let’s see if we can get our highest number of guesses yet!  By the way, sorry but it’s a blurrier shot than I thought.

Ok, ready, set, go…….

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16 Responses to Mystery Photo #45

  1. I don’t know – you know you are getting on my nerves with these mystery photos–not once have I guessed correctly — last week I was correct but only because the commenters before me were correct. I think this is all a conspiracy…………..if you really don’t want to drop in for cookies and tea that is okay–but seriously–quit trying to drive me crazy!

  2. zelmare says:

    I haven’t got the foggiest… 🙂

  3. edithlevyphotography says:

    I have no clue 🙂

  4. This is so fun this week. I guarantee that when I tell you guys the answer, you are going to run and grab one of these to look at and then say, “Oh ya!!!!”. LOL

  5. J. G. Burdette says:

    A crank?

  6. Jeff Sinon says:

    Close-up of part of a GPS

  7. Mwah ha ha!!!! I got every single one of you this week, even Jeff!!! This is actually a closeup of the end of a USB cable. I know, you are all running to find one now aren’t you? It’s amazing how we never really look closely at things around us because now you’re going to look at this and say “oh ya, so it is”. It does look darker than the usual silver colour, but that’s because I was holding it up to a window. Nice guesses though :). Have a great weekend everyone!

  8. Jeff Sinon says:

    Nope, I didn’t have to go find one. As soon as I read this I could see it. It looked so familiar, I KNEW I should know what it is.

    Looking forward to next week… 😀

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