Looking Up

I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but I have a really short and sweet post for you today :).

Here’s another picture of a building in downtown Toronto that just caught my eye.  We came out of an underground parking lot onto the street, and I just happened to look up. Immediately I knew it would make an amazing photo.  The perspective is interesting, and there are many patterns and shapes to keep the eyes busy.  It’s funny you know – whether I’m standing on a busy city street or in the middle of a forest, I love to take photos of the world above me.  Maybe I am just in awe of how small I really am in the scope of things.

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8 Responses to Looking Up

  1. Liv says:

    Your over 6 feet tall

  2. zelmare says:

    You’re right, it does keep the eye busy with all the different angles and textures. Nice one! 🙂

  3. dorannrule says:

    Are you sure you didn’t lie down to get this shot? It’s amazing! I may try it – lying down that is – for a new perspective of a tree. The pavement would be too hard. 🙂

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