Mystery Photo #40

Yayyyyy, it’s Friday again, and for me it’s a long weekend which makes it even better.  I have to take Monday off because my son, Bryan, has to go to his orientation day for college, and they have a information program that day for the parents and other family members as well.  Plus there is a free lunch, so of course I said sign me up!!

I’m also excited about the weekend because I’m getting a second HD PVR (personal video recorder) hooked up.  My hard drive in my PVR in the basement crashed last week, and I lost everything :(.  So, since Bell Canada is giving my Mom a free HD PVR when she signs up, I decided to phone them up and ask why they never gave me a free one.  Sure enough, because I am a loyal long time customer, they decided to give me a free one too.  I’m getting really good at negotiating with these companies :).  The technician came and installed the new PVR last weekend, and since I owned the broken one, I took it to the store to have it fixed because it was still under a service warranty.  They decided that they didn’t want to fix it and gave me a brand new one instead.  Yay me!!  Now I have two brand new PVR’s, and the technician is coming back this Saturday to install the second one. I could do it myself, but he has to put some splitters, etc. in because we have too many receivers on our satellite dish.  End result – I will have a PVR downstairs and a PVR upstairs, so I will never miss any of my favourite TV shows!!

Enough of my random babbling.  It’s time for the mystery photo.  Let’s see if for once I can fool Jeff Sinon, who has too much useless information floating around in his head (his words not mine), which allows him to guess the right answer pretty much every time!  Ok, ready, set, go…….

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24 Responses to Mystery Photo #40

  1. I like your random babbling. Your mystery pic of the week is no mystery to me–it is the dirt embedded in my kitchen floor–that is what happens when you do not clean often enough–it gets embedded and then starts to look like part of the design.
    Cindy I am still wondering why we haven’t had tea–if you are going to stalk me and my house–we should at least meet–what if I threw in some chocolate chip cookies? I will sue though if you take a picture of my bathtub–that would be too embarrassing.

    • CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?!?! Give me your address, I’ll be right there LOL :). I really laughed out loud when you mentioned about your bathtub. We have really, really hard water, and no matter how hard I try (which isn’t often mind you) I can’t get my shower doors clean. That would be a great mystery photo LOL!!!

  2. grass under snow? I’m getting worse at these though not better

  3. Jim says:

    Ok Cindy it’s either one of your questionable cooking efforts or it’s dead grass frozen in snow/ice

  4. J. G. Burdette says:

    Kind of looks like ice cream.

  5. zelmare says:

    Dead grass frozen in milk? Eeeeewwww…. 🙂 I actually have no idea! I keep thinking ‘I know, I know’, but no, I don’t.

  6. Frozen branches under snow???

  7. M & D says:

    Now Jim should know what this is – right Cindy?!

  8. Jeff Sinon says:

    Ok, here goes nothing. At first glance it appears to be fiberglass coated wood / decking on a boat. It looks like the white paint or gel-coat is partially worn through exposing the fiberglass coated wood underneath.

  9. OK, here’s the scoop. Jeff Sinon needs to go on Jeopardy or a similar type gameshow that uses random knowledge because this guy is incredible!!! He got it right again – well, basically anyway. When we were up at Wright Point Resort we took a small aluminum runabout out one day to go fishing, and this is a closeup of the inside of the boat. Fiberglass was the first thing that came to my mind too; however, I wasn’t sure, so I consulted the boat expert – my Daddy. Rather than actual fiberglass, he thinks that the inside of the aluminum boat was painted with a paint loaded with some type of fibrous material to make it a non-slip surface. It definitely resembles fiberglass but probably does not contain glass reinforced plastic like fiberglass does.

    It was interesting how many of you thought it was snow! Are you all getting tired of the extreme heat this summer or something? LOL Great job everyone :).

  10. Jeff Sinon says:

    He-He-He-He-He! I’m going to let you in on a little secret. YOU have given me the answer almost every time, but I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how you’re doing it 😉

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