Abstract Beauty

While there are many things that my hubby lacks patience for, fishing isn’t one of them :). He can stand in the same place and fish for hours without taking a break, and he loves it!  While we were on our mini vacation at Wright Point Resort, Mike spent every free moment that he could fishing off the dock or the point, and it didn’t matter if it was day or night, sunshine or rain. While he tried to catch the elusive Walter (remember the movie “On Golden Pond”?), I used the time to experiment with my camera.

One night as the sun was starting to sink in the sky, everything was bathed in those twilight shadows, and I spent some time taking pictures of an area near the dock where the water was full of these tall green weeds that stood anywhere from 6 inches to a foot or more out of the water.  My cousin says they are known as arrow heads. With the atmosphere of twilight and the tiny swells on the water, I found that I could create abstract shots that were quite attractive.  The water is a little grainy in the background and the arrow heads are not sharp, but I think that’s part of what appeals to me, so I didn’t even do much in the way of editing.  What you see is exactly how it looked. I’m pretty sure that Mike thought I was crazy photographing weeds, but I think they’re beautiful :).

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18 Responses to Abstract Beauty

  1. Walter or weeds–I take weeds anyday – nice photo

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    It would appear that you were mad… creeping around trying to make the perfect capture… but what about him… standing with pole in hand trying to catch Nemo… I personally think hes the mad one.. at least with the camera you’re guaranteed to catch something even if it’s just a bad photo… LOL

  3. zannyro says:

    So serene!! Love it!! Hope Hubby and Walter worked something out….did he catch any mini-Walters?

  4. beckyday6 says:

    Wow the water looks amazing, it’s almost like silk!

  5. dorannrule says:

    Swimmingly beautiful abstract art. You do have “an eye.”

    • Oooh, I like what you did there – “swimmingly” and water :). That’s one of the things I like about photography, It seems to have brought out “the eye” that I didn’t even know I had. Thanks Dor!

  6. TBM says:

    Oh man I love the movie On Golden Pond. Nice shot of weeds. I take photos of just about everything so I don’t think your weird at all. Well you do like to organize–that’s just freaky dude!

    • You should have seen me yesterday :). My son goes away to college (not doing good with that whole idea by the way) in a couple of weeks, and we have been buying all the things he needs for his residence room over the last few months. Yesterday I decided to ORGANIZE all of it into rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom), so I could see if there is anything he is missing. I made lists and everything!! Man it felt good! Ok, so how hard are you laughing now???

      • TBM says:

        He needs kitchen stuff? Thank goodness I didn’t have to cook my first year. And your saying, my blender should be in the kitchen not in my office. But you never know when you need a marg.

      • It’s my first day back to work – I could really use a marg right now, or two or three. Could you send me one please? LOL Oh, and by the way, I’m sure most of his meals will be microwavable!! 🙂

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