So what did the place look like anyway?

For a few days now I have been telling you about Wright Point Resort and I have posted some random photos, but I figured I should probably show you what the place looks like.   As I’ve already mentioned, Wright Point Resort is a rustic, get back to nature type resort where you can easily get your fill of fresh air and sunshine.  It is the most relaxing and peaceful place I have been to in a long time :).

The resort consists of a two story lodge building and seven cottages nestled among tall maple, oak, and birch trees, as well as your typical assortment of evergreens, with docks for small boats and a beautiful sandy white beach.  It sits on a point (hence the name) on a gorgeous lake that is know for great fishing.

All the cottages are in perfect repair as you can see from this picture, but you can also see exactly how dry a summer it has been.  Look at that poor grass :(.

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14 Responses to So what did the place look like anyway?

  1. dorannrule says:

    Oh, it looks so serene and lovely. But, how far is the nearest restaurant and shopping mall? 🙂

    • LOL!! Oh Dor, you make me laugh. There were a couple of cute restaurants in the little town about 5 minutes away, but for a shopping mall you would have to drive a little over an hour. We weren’t there to shop though silly :).

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    Looks like my kinda place… but it does look dry….

    • Every since we got home it hasn’t stopped raining, so I’m sure it’s getting greener at the resort too. The problem is there has been so much rain all at once that some crops are getting washed away :(. Mother Nature just can’t make up her mind!

  3. Looks soooooo peaceful!!! 🙂 **

  4. Tammy says:

    I want to jump in that lake!

  5. TBM says:

    I’m sold on the place!

  6. zelmare says:

    Your pictures make me want to go there, immediately! Sounds like the perfect place to unwind. I am crazy about that last pic. 🙂

    • I realize how much I unwound there now that I am back at work and feeling all tense and frustrated again. I need to go back!!!!! The last picture is my favourite too. I think I could even frame that one :). Thanks for the comment by the way!

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