Mystery Photo #38

Line and colours – that’s what this week’s mystery photo says to the brain.  However, millions of things have lines and colours, so where do you start with this one.  It’s pretty obvious that it’s a cropped section of a photo, but what was the photo taken of? Have you got your thinking caps on?  Let’s have lots of guesses this week.  No wimping out because you think your answer is silly.  Every answer is regarded with great seriousness (well, to be honest, some do make me laugh). Ok, ready, set, go…….

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24 Responses to Mystery Photo #38

  1. lasers and lightsabres and hair? no then I give up you’ve got me nailed this week Cindy not a clue.

  2. Liv says:

    highlights in hair under untraviolet light….

  3. beckyday6 says:

    Ohhh my gosh this is so hard….it looks like a feather but feathers don’t glow neon! Lol.
    Radioactive bird feater?
    Neon sticks on a fluffy rug?

    Ok…I’m all out… 😛

  4. krikitarts says:

    Color-altered grasses/grains?

  5. zelmare says:

    Feathers – that;’s the first thing that comes to my mind, but then the colours are weird… I’m thinking the ‘fly’ for fly-fishing?

  6. J. G. Burdette says:

    It really looks like feathers. But I’m going to go with fiber optic lamp.

  7. sayvan says:

    fiber cable or lights ….

  8. Ok so I’m pretty sure these aren’t light sabers….am I right. Some kind of wires. Is that broad enough to constitute a correct guess? 🙂

  9. my hair when it needs to be dyed – seriously – I kid you not! You seem like a nice person but when did you sneak in and get this picture?

  10. Well, this had to be the most entertaining mystery photo competition of all time!! My favourites for laugh value were Becky’s radioactive bird feather – that was truly an awesome guess, and onthehomefrontandbeyond’s accusation that I had snuck into her house to take a picture of her hair when it needed to be dyed LOL!! The winner in the “wow, it really does look like that” category is Zelmare with her guess of “the ‘fly’ for fly-fishing”. However, we do have two true winners….drum roll please………..and the winners are Amelia and Jeff for their guess of fireworks. I simply took one of my fireworks photos and cropped it. Nice job everyone! You all have great imaginations. Too bad it wasn’t light sabers eh? That would be fun :).

  11. I am still sure it is my hair!

  12. sayvan says:

    very creative indeed!

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