Driving through Muskoka

As most of you know, my hubby and I are on holidays and we took a little mini vacation this past weekend.  About 7 years ago, a cousin of mine and his wife quit their jobs in St. Catharines, Ontario, sold their house and bought a resort in Port Loring, Ontario called Wright Point Resort.  I hadn’t seen my cousin, Danny, in many years and they had always said we should come up for a visit, so we gave them a call.  Their resort has been doing really well and the cottages were booked solid, but they had one set of rooms left in the lodge, so we booked them for three nights.  Port Loring is about an hour south-west of North Bay, about an hour and a half north of Parry Sound, and four hours from our little town of Dundalk.

Wright Point Resort provides a great “get away from it all – back to nature” type of vacation.  There are no tv’s or phones in the rooms, no air conditioning, and there is no cellphone reception, but they do have free WiFi, so Cindy was happy because I had to check all of your wonderful blogs while I was away :).  Plus, this was my first trip away without the kids, so at least my paranoia could be calmed with messages to my boys via Facebook.

My hubby loves to fish, and this is a great place for it.  He fished from the dock, he fished from a beautiful rocky point overlooking the lake, and we took a boat out for about four hours on Monday so he could try his luck on the lake.  There weren’t any prize winners this weekend, but he did catch quite a few good sized bass, so he was happy :).  Fishing doesn’t thrill me like it does him, so I of course took hundreds of photos and read to my heart’s content.  My favourite place to read was on that rocky point I mentioned where there was a comfortable wooden Muskoka chair facing the lake.

Ok, now that I have given you a bit of an overview, where do I start with my photos? How about some more from our drive to the resort?  Our drive up on Saturday took us through part of the 2500 square miles known as the Muskoka District, which is an incredible experience.  On the Travel to Muskoka website, they describe the area as follows:

“Muskoka, Canada located 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto is a vast district of 1600 shimmering lakes, thundering waterfalls and sheer granite cliffs, aromatic pine forests and dense maple forests that turn crimson and gold in the Autumn…all wrapped in pure clean air from way above sea level, in some places 1296 ft.”

The highway is often flanked on both sides by walls of granite, and there were many places I would have loved to stop to take pictures, but the shoulder of the highway is very narrow, so it’s not really a wise idea to pull over unless it’s an emergency.  I have always considered a drive through the Muskoka’s as one of the most beautiful drives in Ontario.

In between the sections of granite walls, there were many beautiful swampy areas too There were a couple of places where we were able to stop, and this photo is a sample of what we saw.

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27 Responses to Driving through Muskoka

  1. Hey, I just realized this is my 300th post!!!! Wahoo! 🙂

  2. beautiful and happy 300th post!

  3. Jonesingafter40 says:

    So nice to be able to visit a peaceful place..really liked that second photo.

  4. dorannrule says:

    300???!!! Congratulations. And to share such beautiful photographs of a truly relaxing vacation makes it even more special. I wish I was a stowaway.

  5. bulldogsturf says:

    Lovely blog for the 300th… well done…

  6. J. G. Burdette says:

    Beautiful pictures and congrats on the 300th post!

  7. now I know what a Muskoka chair is, I’ve seen the chairs for years but never knew what they were called, you learn something new everyday. Congrats on your 300th post

  8. sayvan says:

    very nice indeed…

  9. zelmare says:

    This area sounds like heaven on earth, if the description is anything to go by… And your photos are beautiful!! I feel like I need a break right now, pity Muskoka is a little far away… 😉

  10. TBM says:

    Um, how come I wasn’t invited? I don’t need any technology so I would have been content. Love the photos.

    • Oh my goodness, didn’t you get my message?! You must have been out at an Olympic event :). Next time ok?

      • TBM says:

        Okie dokie! I’ve never been fishing. Is Mike a patient teacher?

      • You’ve never been fishing? Like never in your life?? We must fix that!! As for his patience, for fishing he has lots of patience. For other things, not so much LOL. However, he says if you want to go fishing with him he has to know your name. The mystery of “TBM” is making him curious! :). He’s a little nosey isn’t he?

      • TBM says:

        When I was little I went with all of the grandkids fishing. But I didn’t actually fish. I wandered. I developed that habit early. The mystery behind my name huh? It isn’t all that mysterious actually, but I’m feeling like letting it continue for a little while now.

      • LOL!! I’ll let him know :).

  11. Tammy says:

    Great pictures!

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