Boundless Energy!

If you take up photography, you soon find out that there are many challenges to this hobby.  Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, you miss a great shot by seconds, or something gets in the way of a perfect shot.  I faced a photography challenge last weekend, but I was determined to overcome it!  My challenge was an eighteen month old little boy who never stopped.  At that age they have boundless energy all day until they finally collapse from exhaustion at bedtime, but I was up for the challenge.

We were visiting family for a 25th wedding anniversary party which was held outside.  The weather was great, although very very sunny which was another photography challenge in itself.  This little guy is a cousin of my hubby’s whom we had never met before, and he was so much fun to watch because he’s as cute as a button with a head full of blond curls and a smile that would melt your heart!  You could get tired just watching him – he played with toys, then he ran around like the tasmanian devil, then he wanted food, then he bothered his older sister, then he wanted a drink, then he wandered around curiously looking at all the people.

He very rarely stayed in one place for more than 5 minutes, and his mother was constantly chasing after him to make sure that he didn’t get too close to the hot BBQ or into any of the alcoholic drinks sitting around within reach. I followed him around too snapping photo after photo, many of which ended up blurry because he was so active.  However, with patience, I did end up with quite a few cute shots.  Is this kid cute or what?

I know his eyes are almost closed, but that’s his “say cheese” look :).

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10 Responses to Boundless Energy!

  1. sayvan says:

    Well done…. It all comes with practice….

  2. bulldogsturf says:

    I know the feeling… my son lives 600km. away from us so when we do see them the camera must capture the latest looks of a growing grand daughter, not yet 1 year old and already walking… very difficult to get a good photo… so I take a few hundred and look like the paparazzi and hope when we return home that there are a few I can use…

  3. You did get some cute ones! Toddlers are the most challenging people to shoot! I find that after a toddler shoot I discover pain in muscles that I wasn’t aware that I had!

  4. LOL…you can tell he’s a bundle of energy which is what’s so endearing about little boys. He’s adorable and you’ve captured him so beautifully.

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