Shepherds of the Trees

The same day that Mike did his modelling session on the round hay bales about a week ago, we were driving down a back road when all of a sudden he hit the brakes and started backing up.  I asked him what he was doing, but he kept telling me to wait until he found it again.  When he eventually stopped, I saw what had captured his eye, and we both sat there and smiled.  Immediately, I was thrown back into the world of Lord of the Rings when they met up with the Ents.  According to

“Ents were a very old race that appeared in Middle-Earth when the Elves did.”

They “were envisioned as Shepherds of the Trees and their duty was to protect the forests from Orcs, Dwarves and other perils.”

“Ents were tree-like creatures, having become like the trees that they shepherded. They varied in traits, from everything to height and size, colouring, and the number of fingers and toes. An individual Ent more or less resembled the specific species of tree that they typically guarded. For example, Quickbeam guarded rowan trees and thus looked very much like a rowan.”

What do you think?  Does this remind you of an Ent too?  It almost looks like he has legs and is walking through the forest booming out warnings if anyone gets too near to the trees that he protects.

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28 Responses to Shepherds of the Trees

  1. zannyro says:

    This is so COOL!! I love the walking legs! It’s SO “Lord of the Rings” !!
    I have to tell you, when Mike did his posing on the hay bales,,I was really struck by
    the fact that he looked SO much like my brother–in-law… I glossed right over the
    fact that my brother-in-law’s name is also MIKE!! Long lost brothers???

  2. dorannrule says:

    Good one! Your husband has a great eye!

  3. Great find. This certainly put a smile on my face.

  4. sayvan says:

    Love the texture.. It is amazing to see how some of these trees develop over the years….

  5. TBM says:

    It does look like an Ent! Way to go Mike! The other day the better half stopped me and said, doesn’t that tree trunk look like Albert Einstein? And you know what, it really did. I can’t remember if we got a photo of it. I’m still “organizing” our vacation photos.

  6. zelmare says:

    This is amazing – I’ve been saving a picture that reminded me of exactly that! I showed it to my SO over the weekend, but he didn’t appreciate it because he never watched LOTR. I love it! 🙂

  7. bulldogsturf says:

    Wonderful photo… great capture..

  8. Jeff Sinon says:

    That husband of yours has good eyes! Now I have to go watch LOTR. 😀

  9. krikitarts says:

    Love this, Cindy! I have also started a series of faces in nature, and what a fascinating challenge!

    • Thanks Gary :). It’s almost as much fun as playing the cloud game isn’t it? I used to do that with my kids when they were little – lay down on the ground and try and find clouds shaped like animals or people. At least with the trees they don’t change every few seconds! LOL

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