Big Music Fest 2012

After yesterday’s trip into craziness, I thought I would tone it down a little today :).  I love music, always have, and when I was a teenager I went to concerts all the time with my friends.   However, over the years the price of concert tickets has skyrocketed, and I just can’t justify spending so much money to see one group for a couple of hours.  That’s why I get so excited for Big Music Fest in Owen Sound, Ontario each summer because you get to see 8 Canadian bands for one low price of $59.00, and the concert goes from noon until 11:00 at night at an outside venue at Kelso Beach.  Unfortunately, last year Big Music Fest was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

This year, my friend, Marcy, and I bought our tickets months ahead of time and crossed our fingers.  As the date approached, the list of groups was confirmed – The New Cities, Down With Webster, Carly Rae Jepson, Rival Sons, The Arkells, I Mother Earth, The Trews, and Three Days Grace.   Three Days Grace was the clincher for me because they are a truly amazing alternative rock band!!  I was really excited about trying my new camera that day, but only small cameras were allowed into the concert, so I decided to take my hubby’s Canon Powershot SX220HS instead because it has 14x zoom.  Considering these were all rock bands who rarely stood still and I was fairly close to the stage getting jostled by the crowd, I was really pleased with the results.  Over the next couple of days I will show you my favourite shots.

The stage early in the day before the crowds got bad:

The New Cities (new group who I was very pleasantly surprised by):

Carly Rae Jepson and her band (huge with the young crowd right now with the hit single “Call Me Maybe”):

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8 Responses to Big Music Fest 2012

  1. sayvan says:

    nice shots… crisp and clear and like you were in the front row!

  2. pennycoho says:

    Great job with the photo’s. I like the angles and feeling close up!

  3. Adam Allegro says:

    Looking really good. You have done some nice work here. Love concert work!

  4. dorannrule says:

    I can sense your joy and the music lover in you via these crisp, clear, electric photos! May you always find that joy in the rock music I will never understand. How about DooWop? 🙂

    • Hey, DooWop is awesome!! I actually like pretty much all types of music, but my favourite is rock. The only music that I can’t stand is opera (no offense to opera lovers out there). I grew up playing piano, and that was all classical, and my hubby loves country, so there is a lot of that played around our house. I always thought big band was great too :). All I know is that music soothes the soul!!

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