Help me, I can’t decide!!!

Ok, this is going to be a quicky post today.  Last night we decided to go to the movies, two movies no less, so I didn’t get my post drafted ahead of time like I usually do.  We went to see Ted, about the talking teddy bear, and it was hilarious!!  Don’t be misled by the cute teddy bear character though.  This is definitely not a movie for little kids because Ted is a naughty little teddy bear with quite the potty mouth :).  We walked out of that movie and right back in to see The Amazing Spiderman which was awesome!  I actually liked it way better than the version with Tobey Maquire – action packed and great special effects!

Now, this morning, my hubby is chomping at the bit to go out shopping because it’s a rainy day for the first time in ages!  Because we live out in the boonies, it’s pretty much an hour to get anywhere with “real” stores, so we will be gone a good part of the day.  I wanted to start this weekend off with photos of the bands from the concert I went to last weekend, Big Music Fest, but let me start out instead with a little humour.  I took this picture when we first arrived at the venue, a big open field area at Kelso Beach in Owen Sound, Ontario.   There weren’t many people there yet.  I saw this girl standing in front of the porta-potties looking as if she didn’t know which one to choose, and I just had to snap a picture.  They were all empty, so I don’t know what the heck she was waiting for.  Maybe she was just getting up the courage to actually step inside one of them because they can be pretty nasty.  What do you think was going through her mind? 🙂

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21 Responses to Help me, I can’t decide!!!

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Um, “why the hell is that wing-nut taking a picture of port-a-potties?” That’s my guess! 😛

    As for nasty, this is probably the last time that day they were usable without a haz-mat suit.

    • Wing nut huh? Yup, that pretty much describes me perfectly LOL, but you know you would have taken a picture of it too!! They weren’t too bad actually, and they came to pump them out half way through the day, but the worst was at night because there are no lights inside them!!! 🙂

  2. she was wondering if she really had to go that badly

  3. dorannrule says:

    I think she thought they were Coke machines and she was thirsty.

  4. beckyday6 says:

    Ha ha haaa! This is a classic photo! 🙂

    I think she’s wondering if she steps into the porta loo whether she will step out the other side into Narnia. She’s then looking to the side because she feels self concious about believing in magic. 😉

  5. tjlovelady says:

    That is a brilliant photo LOL! I often do the same thing and sometimes I cant whip my camera out fast enough to snap a pic!

    • Thank you :). There were a real variety of people there that day, and my friend and I did a lot of people watching. It was so much fun, and I kept trying to snap pictures of the funniest ones, but it’s tricky to do without pissing them off LOL!!

      • tjlovelady says:

        Hey that’s a wonderful idea! People watching I think I might do a bit of that today when Im out lol. I think Ill make it a competition on which photo is the best….it’ll be all in good fun promise 🙂

      • The best was watching the older people still trying to dress like cool young dudes at a rock concert!! One guy had his shirt unbuttoned down to his belly button and he was strutting around like he was a hot 20 year old! I started laughing every time he went by, but I never got the camera up fast enought to get his picture. Then there was the guy who passed out curled up in the fetal position – got that one!! LOL

  6. Lol maybe she was trying to decide which one smelled the least.

  7. pennycoho says:

    The photo shot was great and I think the responses your getting are too! Capturing life, lots of fun!!!

  8. zelmare says:

    Nice shot! She probably just thought they were all occupied, since all the doors are closed…shame… 😉

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