Duh Cindy!

Ok, I have a funny story to tell you that has absolutely nothing to do with my photo for today LOL.  As you all know, I am really just an amateur when it comes to photography, but I am trying to learn more every day, and recently, I bought a Canon Rebel T3i, but I only get little snippets of time here and there to learn its features.

Yesterday I received a message from Gary at krikitarts regarding my post entitled Approaching Sunset.  It was obvious that I had had some trouble with exposure because the sky was so bright, but if I tried to darken it with Levels in Photoshop, the grass and trees became far too dark.  He suggested that I might want to start trying multiple exposures when taking shots like this and then maybe using some HDR software to help get a more balanced exposure effect.  This was not the first message that I had received from a fellow blogger regarding this subject because I have so many helpful followers out there 🙂 (Gary, Rick, Jeff, Nick, just to name a few), so I have really started to think that I need to learn more about it. However, because I am such a newbie, I often don’t quite know what these much more experienced photographers are talking about :).

This is where my funny story comes in.  I puzzled it around in my head, and then sent a reply to Gary asking if I needed to use a tripod so that the shot would remain exactly the same each time I changed the exposure (ok I hear you laughing already, but Gary did tell me afterwards that tripods are always a good idea).  After hitting the send button, I googled exposure bracketing just for fun, and after reading only a few sentences it hit me like a ton of bricks – Duh Cindy, you have new fancy, smancy camera.  It probably has a setting for this.  And sure enough, I consulted my trusty manual which I have only glanced at so far, and there was a whole section on Auto Exposure Bracketing.  I felt like such an idiot! LOL.  It’s obvious that I need to devote some time this summer to learning the features of my camera and some general photography techniques as well.  Can anyone tell me how to add some more hours to each day??

Ok, if you have finished laughing now, here’s another bird picture from the beach at Isle of Palms, South Carolina.  For this one I had no trouble with exposure, and I love how the sunlight is highlighting all of his colours and features.  He’s a really sarcastic little guy though.  When I stare into his eye, I realize what he is thinking – “Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t know that!  Everyone knows about the setting for Auto Exposure Bracketing!!”

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27 Responses to Duh Cindy!

  1. bulldogsturf says:

    Dang, its finding out how to set all these settings, then when in the field remembering how you did it when you had the book in your hand…

    • That’s my problem – I just can’t remember everything. I have been to seminars where I leave with some great new techniques and then the next day they’re gone out of my mind. I make notes, but it’s not the same :). However, I just have to keep reminding myself how much more I know now than I knew say a year ago! It may be a slow process but I am learning bit by bit :).

  2. Nope I’m not laughing. There’s so much to know and learn and I find that I discover daily things I didn’t know. That’s the beauty of photography there’s always new things to learn and help you grow. I did a short post on “Too HDR or Not To HDR” when I first started my blog. I offered some tips as well you might find interesting. http://edithlevyphotography.com/2011/06/14/to-hdr-or-not-to-hdr/

    Terrific shot Cindy.

    • Well, they do say it’s good to keep challenging your brain all the time, and photography certainly does do that :). I love learning new things, but I just wish I had more time to devote to it. Thanks for leading me to your HDR post. It was very informative and I have printed it out to keep as a reference. By the way, I should have listed your name in my list of helpful bloggers. I apologize :).

  3. zelmare says:

    No, they don’t – I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about… 😦 But I love the picture, and I think that you are a far better photographer than you give yourself credit for. 🙂

  4. zannyro says:

    I won’t tell you HOW long it took me to learn some things….I always like to take the LONGGGGG way to my destination….

  5. sayvan says:

    Everyday I seem to have to reference something on my Nikon. All the new gadgets these cameras come with make your life easier they claim… I am not so sure!

  6. zannyro says:

    I nominated you for “The inspiring blog award”.. http://awindowintothewoods.com/2012/06/29/i-have-been-very-very-bad ..check out this post for details 🙂

  7. ladyfi says:

    I’m not laughing. Never heard of this setting! Oops.

    Great shot.

  8. photographybyjoylene says:

    I’m not laughing either. I didn’t know there was a setting for that. Ok, I have seen it before but never paid much attention to it. Will have to try it out now! 🙂

    • I feel so much better now that I know there are others in the same boat as me. Maybe we should start a group!! LOL 🙂

      • photographybyjoylene says:

        Great idea! Actually there are already some very good groups out there. I belong to one on Facebook, but it’s pretty much tailored to portrait photographers. I don’t know what you shoot with, but LinkedIn has a pretty cool group called “Nikonians” if you shoot Nikon. I don’t visit it much due to time restraints unfortunately.

      • Time, or the lack thereof, is a problem for me too. There are so many things I want to do, but it’s hard to fit it all in :).

  9. dorannrule says:

    Nope, I’m not laughing, because it may be a funny story to you but to me it is Greek and I never learned the language. In the end, you have a vivid picture of a gull that makes me yearn for the beach. That’s all that counts right?

  10. Don’t you love those Dohhhhhh moments? 😀

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