I knew I should have brought my raincoat!!

It’s been one of those weeks. Drive here, drive there.  Work, dentist, baseball game, work, dentist again, baseball practice, and don’t forget that I live in a rural area so nothing is just around the corner.  And in between those things: laundry, call orthodontist, dishes, call college residence, pay bills, call guidance counsellor to sort out youngest son’s schedule conflict for next year, shop for Father’s Day, work on blog, and somewhere in there fit in book reviews I do on the side. Phew!!!  Ok, so I’m complaining, but some weeks it is just bloody exhausting being a Mom.  I know that many of my blogger friends out there will know exactly what I am talking about!!

Anyway, this is supposed to be a photography blog not whiner’s corner, so on to my photo. Yesterday afternoon, we were once again under severe thunderstorm watches and warnings.  Some areas got nailed while other areas just watched the storm system run circles around them.  While driving to the dentist’s office, this was what we drove into, and all I could think of was how I had left my camera and my jacket at home.  I was in such a rush that I never thought to grab either one, which is highly unusual when it comes to my camera.  It usually goes everywhere with me.   So, I decided to try the camera on my iPhone 4s which I have not experimented at all with.  I didn’t have time to play with any of the various apps I have because we were late as it was, but this still gives you an idea of how spooky it was, even though it is a little bit grainy in my opinion.  Mother Nature sure does have her knickers in a knot lately doesn’t she?  The funny thing was that when we got back home, it was still sunny and fairly warm out, so baseball practice went ahead as scheduled which gave me some “boyless” Mom time at home :).

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21 Responses to I knew I should have brought my raincoat!!

  1. dorannrule says:

    Love your line, “Mother Nature sure does have her knickers in a knot lately” – and the photo shows your usual talent for capturing the essence of the message. The sky’s a grim grey and ominous. Thanks for sharing in the midst of Mom chaos and foreboding weather. 🙂 Dor

    • Yes, sometimes I come up with the best lines when I am totally stressed out LOL. I had about 5 minutes before I had to run Daniel to baseball (because I always draft my blogs the night before), and I sat down and the words just started flowing :). I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for your lovely comments!

  2. i never cease to be amazed by the quality of phone camera’s

    • Yes, I had heard the iPhone 4s had a really good camera, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it. Like I said, I noticed the clouds seemed a little grainy, but it’s pretty darn good otherwise.

  3. TBM says:

    Nice shot! And I’m in trouble, please tell me Father’s Day is not this Sunday…please.

  4. J. G. Burdette says:

    I enjoy photos like this one! It’s very nice.

    • Thank you :). I have tons of photos like this because we are all storm lovers in my family. I get really excited when the clouds start forming like this, although I do get a little uneasy at the same time because we do live in what is known as “tornado alley”.

  5. zannyro says:


    • Thanks!! All I could think of as I watched these clouds approaching was that I didn’t have enough emergency supplies (aka chocolate) at home in case this was the big one, but I didn’t have time to stop and stock up. Thank goodness I didn’t need them this time :).

  6. photographybyjoylene says:

    Great capture! My phone does not have a very good camera, but I plan to change that in November. I too live in a rural area, so I feel your pain. Every trip out of the house is a major deal!

    • Oh good, someone who understands! Weekends especially go by way too fast don’t they because if you have to go out and do some shopping or other errands it ends up taking the whole day by the time you drive there, do your shopping, and then drive home. Oh well, I’m still glad that I’m raising my kids in the country and not the big city :).

      • photographybyjoylene says:

        I absolutely agree! I had the opportunity to move to New Orleans when my kids were little (they are all grown now), and although I love visiting there, would not have wanted the difficulties that raising children in a city like that would entail.

  7. Faye says:

    Your picture is fabulous. I just got a ipone4 I didn’t know there are apps for camera. Thanks

    • Thanks Faye and thanks for visiting my blog! The camera app that comes with the phone is ok, but you should get Camera+. It’s really good, and it gives you more options for taking photos. I did not edit this photo on my phone, but there are many great apps that let you do that as well. One really good one is Snapseed, and I think it’s free right now.

  8. zelmare says:

    Beautiful pic! And of course you can whine here, we all do from time to time – that’s what friends are for, remember? 😉

  9. benzeknees says:

    Pretty good for a phone pic! Wish I could take such good pics!

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