Are you lucky?

With the excitement of my son’s trip to Europe and the purchase of my new camera, I got away from my Windsor, Ontario series.  I took so many pictures with a real variety of subject matter that I decided to share some more photos from that weekend.

While the original purpose of the trip was business, my hubby had an ulterior motive.  You see, there’s a big casino in Windsor, and Mikey loves the slot machines.  I can’t wait to show you the splashy interior, but first I want you to see the outside.  Caesars Windsor is a prominent part of the Windsor skyline, and is one of four casinos in the Detroit-Windsor area.  It was originally called Casino Windsor and was built on its current location in 1998. The name was officially changed to Caesars Windsor in 2006 and significant changes were made, including a new 27-story hotel (the “Augustus Tower”), a 5,000 seat entertainment centre, and 100,000 square feet (9,300 m2) of convention space.  Caesars Windsor attracts about six million visitors annually.

One thing that I really loved about the Windsor waterfront is that they have what reminds me of a boardwalk that follows the river and is paved and designated for people walking, cycling, or rollerblading.  There were many, many people utilizing this area while we were there.  It was really nice to see that there is a place that encourages getting fresh air and exercise.

You might wonder how I had so much time to take photos while in Windsor when there was a casino within walking distance of our hotel.  Well, did I mention that we did not win a damn thing that weekend, so when we lost all of our gambling money very quickly, we had plenty of time to wander around and explore LOL :).

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6 Responses to Are you lucky?

  1. Great shots Cindy. You know if you’re ever in the T.O. area let me know.

    • I’m actually less than 2 hours northwest of Toronto, so we get down there quite a bit. I was just down for the Exposure photography show a week ago. Maybe we could get together for a photo shoot some time. I only know the basics at this point, but I am learning more every day. I’m also outnumbered at home just like you with 2 teenage boys :).

  2. nice looking casino… i love your blue skyline..enhances it too

  3. Yes, it’s a very nice looking casino, but it sure wasn’t very nice with our money LOL :).

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