I am humbled!

I am truly humbled by the outpouring of friendship, encouragement, praise, and unconditional help that I have received from all of my blogging friends since that day months ago when I typed “blogging” into the Google search engine to see what this phenomenon was all about.  Never did I think that I would anxiously await emails each day to see what everyone thought of my latest photographic endeavour nor did I anticipate the pleasure I would get out of following other people’s truly amazing blogs.  I know that I have not explored even a minuscule fraction of the blogs on WordPress, but I am so glad that I have found the blogs that I have because they have resulted in a lot of new friendships.

Now, you would think I would get better at this by now, but I am terribly behind on acknowledging awards, and for that I must apologize to the people who awarded me with them.

First, I want to thank Suzanne of http://awindowintothewoods.com/  and Dor of http://countryliving4beginners.wordpress.com/ for both awarding me the Awesome Blog Content Award (ABC Award).  Their blogs are two of my most favourite that I follow on a regular basis, and I’m so happy that they received this award too because they really deserve it.    The rules for the ABC Award are:

  • Add the logo to your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Pass the award forward to other worthy bloggers.  There are no limits to how many you can nominate
  • Share 26 things about yourself in alphabetical order.

It’s so hard to pick who to give awards to because so many have received them already, and I don’t want to annoy anybody.  Plus, I always feel like I’m leaving out someone amazing. So, with those things in mind, here are the awesome blogs I would like to award with the ABC Award:

Ok, here goes.  I’m now going to try and describe myself using the entire alphabet:
  • A – addicted to chocolate
  • B – my books are my favourite possessions and I have never thrown any out
  • C – many people think I am crazy, and I am proud of it!
  • D – very dedicated to my family
  • E – tend to be a very emotional person
  • F – my favourite genre in literature is fantasy
  • G – amateur genealogist
  • H – the thing I hate the most is when someone lies to me
  • I – intelligent
  • J – love to joke around
  • K – I have kainotophobia – fear of change
  • L – love to laugh
  • M – one of my favourite things to do on the weekend is to go to the movies
  • N – ok, I admit it, I’m a neat freak
  • O – obsessed with organizing things (let’s see if TBM reads this one and makes a crack about it)
  • P – pretty easy to get along with (I think – my husband may disagree)
  • Q – I’m a quadragenarian (between the ages of 40 and 49)
  • R – rock is my favourite type of music
  • S – was really, really shy as a child
  • T – wish I could travel to a different place in the world every year
  • U – unconditional love for my boys
  • V – love any books or tv shows to do with vampires (I know, many of you are laughing now)
  • W – witty
  • X – xanthippe – my husband and son thought they would be funny by suggesting this one. It means ill-tempered woman.  I will go and beat them now!!!
  • Y – young at heart
  • Z – pretty zany most of the time

Phew, that was really hard!!  So, for my other two awards I am going to cheat and just thank the people who nominated me because my brain is dead now.  I hope you don’t mind.

I want to thank J.G. Burdette at http://jgburdette.wordpress.com/ for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award.  I love to learn about history, and he never fails to teach me something fascinating from history that I have never heard about before.

Last, I want to thank Dorothy at http://countryliving4beginners.wordpress.com/ from the bottom of my heart for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award.  Dor is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have met since I started blogging, and she has just started a new blog about country life.  She is an excellent writer, and she makes me smile :).

Well, I think I’m up to date now!  Time to clean a couple of bathrooms (yuck), and then I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading about my new camera.  Something you might find interesting is that I actually had to exchange my new toy on Friday night because it absolutely refused to communicate with any computer in my house.  The people at Canon said this was not a common problem at all, and the salespeople at the store had never heard of it happening.  Oh well, everything is fine now, and I really can’t complain because that is the first problem I have ever had with a digital camera that I have purchased, and I have had many cameras.  Have a great day everyone!!

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16 Responses to I am humbled!

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Congrats on the awards Cindy. I still haven’t finished the “requirements” for accepting the Versatile Blogger award I received a month or so ago. I don’t know how people find the time. And you just got three!! You are going to be one busy lady!

    • I definitely have a hard time keeping up with my blog in general. It seems to have taken over my life, but don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying it!! However, that’s why I only did the requirements for one of the three awards, so I kind of cheated. I can only follow so many blogs at a time, and I don’t want to annoy people by giving them the same award more than once. Don’t you wish there were more hours in a day?

      • Jeff Sinon says:

        I’ve decide to graciously decline any further nominations. While I am truly grateful that someone enjoys my blog enough to nominate me, I just don’t have enough time to honor the commitments that go with accepting.

  2. J. G. Burdette says:

    You deserve each and everyone of them. Congrats to you!

    And I’m a she 😉

  3. Congrats and Thanks!! Love the ABCs of you that you did..

  4. Congrats on all the lovely awards Cindy!! Every single one of them very well-deserved!! 🙂 **

  5. dorannrule says:

    You are soooo welcome Cindy and any award you receive is well deserved!

  6. dafarmer says:

    Congrats Cindy!

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