The beauty of street murals

I live in a very small rural town, and one of the things that I have noticed over the last few years is how little towns like ours are being spruced up with murals painted on the sides of old buildings.  We have acquired a number of these beautiful works of art in Dundalk, Ontario, like the mural of an old school on the front of the elementary school that my boys attended, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  There is also one on the side of the building which houses the local drugstore which depicts a scene from earlier days in a similar small town complete with horses and buggies and old fashioned clothing, there is a group of cows painted on another building, the Last Supper adorns the wall of the old library, and the old fire hall has a painting of some of the actual firemen from this town back in the 70′ or 80’s.

When my hubby and I were in Windsor a couple of weekends ago, we noticed quite a few murals there too, but there was an interesting mixture of old and new themes.  The first photo below shows a picture of a musician, the second a lady’s smiling face, and the third an old fashioned scene at a street intersection.  The street mural was on the back wall of our hotel facing the parking lot, and what I love about this photo is how the cars parked up against it appear to be waiting to drive down the street in the mural.  I think it provides an interesting illusion.  Does your town or city have any street murals, and if so, what do you think of them?

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12 Responses to The beauty of street murals

  1. Wish we had some of these!! 🙂 **

  2. zelmare says:

    How very nice! Like Xan said, we’re still quite a bit behind when it comes to murals/street art.

  3. J. G. Burdette says:

    I like the last one.

    As far as I know the city I live in does not have any murals. I’d like to see the Titanic mural in Belfast though.

  4. Colline says:

    These murals are beautiful – they certainly add character to your town.

  5. I live in Austin, Texas. About 85 miles to the southwest is San Antonio, which has a lot of murals and mosaics. You can get a view of some of them at

    and lots more if you do a Google search for “San Antonio murals.” Because San Antonio is so heavily Hispanic, many of the murals have a Mexican and Mexican-American flavor to them.

  6. J. G. Burdette says:

    A few days after my last comment I was looking through the newspaper and I seen we do indeed have murals. It’s on an old greyhound bus terminal. It’s funny I never noticed the murals before.

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