Riding the rails through history

In the old days, a new railway could put a small town on the map.  This was definitely the case with Palmerston, Ontario.   Palmerston was non-existent until a Wellington, Grey & Bruce Railway (WG&B) route operating under contract to the Great Western Railway (GWR) was announced.  According to the Palmerston Railway Museum website, “the railway was fundamental to the creation of the town, and influential in the development of its social, economic, and political life. That importance is still visible in the pivotal position the station building occupies at the heart of the town”.

The website also states that, “the original appearance of the station is not recorded, but it is known to have been smaller and simpler in form than the present building. A second storey was added in 1876 after the Grand Trunk Railway openly assumed management, and the station was remodelled in 1900 to its present form”.  This is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to the history of this train station and its current status, but I hope that these photos will take you on a journey that might spark your imagination as to what it was like to ride the rails in the 1800’s.

Palmerston 12 Palmerston 11 Palmerston 10 Palmerston 9 Palmerston 8 Palmerston 7 Palmerston 6 Palmerston 5 Palmerston 4 Palmerston 3 Palmerston 2 Palmerston 1

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16 Responses to Riding the rails through history

  1. TBM says:

    Great photos…I have always loved trains. When I was a kid we did road trips from California to Utah every summer and I loved seeing the trains in the open. I always tried to count the cars, but I don’t know if I ever finished. But I kept trying.

  2. Jonesingafter40 says:

    Nice series! I especially liked #5 and #6!

  3. great set of photos.

  4. Dor says:

    Wow! Don’t you wish we could be passengers on a train in the 1800’s? Your photos almost make me hear the clattering on the tracks.

  5. Love the photo with the rail forming an ‘X’!!! 😀 An ‘X’ for Xandre maybe?? teeheee… just kidding!!! 🙂 **

  6. Glenn says:

    Next time I travel through Palmerston I’ll check out the station. Good work. Like the lines and textures.

  7. Kevin Alexander says:

    Great photo series.

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