Sun-kissed water

While I stayed in the hospital with my son, people kept telling us how gorgeous it was outside, but it was really the last thing on our minds at the time.  Now that Daniel and I are back home, I have the windows and doors open, and I am enjoying every moment listening to the birds singing and the frogs croaking.  I am still busy looking after him (the pain is quite bad), so I haven’t had a chance to go outside and enjoy the weather yet, but every time I look out a window, I notice that everything has that sun-kissed look – you know the one, where everything sparkles and shines.  It’s been a long time since we have seen the sun in our area, and I just hope that Spring is truly here and that we don’t get one last dose of winter.

This is a picture that I took last summer while out on a hike with my hubby.  To me it’s a perfect example of my term “sun-kissed”, and I love the little ripples on the water, probably made by bugs skimming across the water and briefly landing.  The ripples don’t look big enough to be from fish.  I hope all of you are enjoying being sun-kissed too!!


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10 Responses to Sun-kissed water

  1. TBM says:

    I like it! Sorry to hear that he is still in pain. I don’t know who it is worse for, you or him. Take care both of you.

    • Thanks my friend!! It’s funny, I kind of got the impression that people thought I was silly staying overnight at the hospital with him and taking a week off work to look after him because he is 15, but I’m glad I did because he has really needed his Mommy. People think that a tonsillectomy is nothing, and it’s not too bad for really young kids, but for adults (which he almost is) it’s quite the ordeal. I thought he would be back to school after a week, but they said he might need two weeks!! He’s a trooper though, especially since the doctor said his tonsils were half the size of a tennis ball, and therefore the wounds are that much bigger inside his throat!! Thank you so much for caring 🙂

  2. megtraveling says:

    I hope you both get the rest you need and that he feels better every day… 🙂

  3. ladyfi says:

    Hope he gets well soon.

    Love the sun-kissed water.

  4. Jeff Sinon says:

    Very nice, you’ve got a real abstract thing going on here!

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