Busy days ahead!!

Well, it’s the weekend, and I should be looking forward to relaxing, but no such luck this week.  It’s going to be very busy for the next few days.  Today, we are heading to Kitchener, Ontario to an open house for the college that my son will be attending in September.  We will be taking a tour of the residence and listening to a talk about the course that Bryan will be taking (Computer Engineering Technology).  We went to an open house last year, but I think Bryan will be paying even more attention this time knowing that he has now been accepted.

Then on Monday my son, Daniel, is scheduled for surgery, and we have to be at the hospital early in the morning.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing too serious – just tonsils and adenoids, but it should be interesting to see how he handles the pain.  I have booked the whole week off work just in case, so that he’s not wondering around the house by himself high on pain meds.  You never know what trouble he might get into. LOL

With all this in mind, I am returning to the simplicity of one photo per post with no particular theme in mind other than the fact that the photo appeals to me.   Here’s hoping that I don’t miss posting in the next few days because I haven’t missed a day yet!!


I saw this tree on one of our family hikes, and the roots at the base of the trunk were so interesting that I had to get some closeups.  There is so much that appeals to me about this shot.  I love the lines and curves, the slight colour variations, and the many different textures.  There also appears to be a cavity under the tree, and I find myself wondering what little critters might be making this their home.

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12 Responses to Busy days ahead!!

  1. zelmare says:

    Good luck with everything, especially the operation part. Beautiful picture! 🙂

  2. Dor says:

    If you area getting my response twice, don’t ask me why. I write, then post comment, and then it all disappears. To repeat though – I hope your son sails through the surgery and has no complaints afterward. I remember ice cream was soothing but I was only 6. Love your picture of the tree too….

  3. Northern Narratives says:

    Good luck and hope everything goes well this week 🙂

  4. ladyfi says:

    Hope all goes well this week for you and your sons!

    • Thank you so much! Hopefully, he takes after his father and handles the pain well. If so, he will be up and around in no time. They do say it’s harder on older kids and adults than it is on small children, but he’s a trooper!

  5. TBM says:

    I like the strong character in this one! Fitting theme for your week. I wish both your boys well. Good luck with everything! At least you are surrounded by funny guys…that will help with all the stress.

    • I never thought of that. It really does give an aura of strength doesn’t it? And speaking of funny guys, you would have laughed at my husband yesterday walking around the college. He couldn’t have been more obvious checking out the young girls. It was hilarious!! Regarding the surgery, I’m looking on the bright side of things. As long as Daniel has a high pain tolerance like his father (fingers crossed), I’m looking at it as a whole week off work (and school for him) with temperatures as high as 22 degrees Celcius by Wednesday. That is unheard of in March in this neck of the woods. We are usually still shovelling snow. Warm days and as much icecream as he wants. I’m not seeing the downside here. The power of positive thinking!! 🙂

  6. David Hall says:

    Wonderful colour, shapes and textures.

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