Mystery Photo #17

This has been a long week of blogging!  I began this blog vowing to only post one photo per day with a write-up, but lately I have been finding myself doing weekly series, where I post multiple photos per day that follow a certain theme.  It was a lot of fun, but it certainly kept me busy, that’s for sure!!  As a result, I have been looking forward to today and the ease of the short and sweet mystery photo.

Now the clarity of this week’s mystery photo is not the greatest, but it’s a fun one, so please forgive the blurriness.  Ok, ready, set, go!!


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11 Responses to Mystery Photo #17

  1. ooh ooh ooh is it a teething chew toy?

    I really look forward to these

  2. TBM says:

    Oh goodness…I don’t know. My guess is a baby toy of some sort…can I be more vague?

  3. tadams4u says:

    my first thought was a cookie…. LOL

  4. Northern Narratives says:

    It’s a wheel 🙂

  5. Hmmm, some really interesting guesses but nobody has it right yet. Just saying…

  6. To me it looks like a cupcake decoration…. or a pattern from a ball toy!!! The glitters is confusing… 🙂 **

  7. Jeff Sinon says:

    One of those number shaped birthday cake candles.

  8. I’m going to be out tomorrow so the answer comes early this week. Although I really liked the idea of this being a yummy cookie or a cupcake decoration, the designation of Master Mystery Photo Guesser this week goes to Jeff. It is indeed a number 9 candle from my son’s 19th birthday cake!! Nice job Jeff! I loved the rest of the answers too though – very imaginative 🙂

  9. zelmare says:

    You’ve got me stumped… I would go as far as saying it could be a toy of some sort.

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