Mystery Photo #15

I have noticed lately that I have some new followers (Yayyyy!!), so I thought I should explain about the mystery photo, just to bring everyone up to speed.  The mystery photo began in November on a day when I was in a very random mood.  I picked a macro shot to post and decided that it might be fun for my fellow bloggers to try and guess what it was.  I didn’t expect anything to come of it, but many people commented that it was fun and hoped that I would keep it up, so it became my Friday blog every week.  Don’t be looking for excellent quality in these shots though – it’s just done for fun!

Sometimes the mystery photo seems pretty easy and many people guess correctly, but I enjoy it the most when I can really stump people.  Well, I think this is one of those weeks.  I’ll bet that nobody can figure this one out because I can think of quite a few things it reminds me of.  Come on everyone – prove me wrong and take a guess.  As usual, I will post the answer tomorrow so that all the different time zones get a chance.  Ok, ready, set go……..


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12 Responses to Mystery Photo #15

  1. an air filter?? maybe from car or from a dehumidifier… 🙂

  2. tadams4u says:

    Air filter came to mind for me as well. Doesn’t look dense enough for air tho….

    Congrats on new followers

  3. I’ll also go along the filter route but I was thinking more along the lines of one out of a vacuum cleaner. we’re probably all miles off.

    Congratulations on picking up more followers I’m certainly enjoying following you.

  4. heyesphoto says:

    Since I’m English, I’m going to guess tea bag.

  5. Cayley says:

    It looks like pieces of dust! Some sorta filtering device!? This is a tricky one, you got me! 😛

  6. Jonesingafter40 says:

    I’m going with dryer sheet..although I think the filter idea is a good one.

  7. Northern Narratives says:

    This is a great challenge. I think it looks like steel wool (kitchen scrubby) or fiberglass insulation 🙂

  8. TBM says:

    First, congrats on the new followers! Second, I’m glad I’m still able to guess since I was out of the house all day yesterday. Good thing I’m on London time. Third, a dryer sheet you’ve pulled a little before putting it into the dryer. I can also see the air filter, but before I started reading the other responses I said, dryer sheet and I’m stubborn so I’m sticking to the story.

  9. Happy Saturday everyone!! It’s time to reveal the answer for the mystery photo. I was absolutely sure that nobody would get this one right, but I was wrong! Everyone had really good answers that made sense, but it was heyesphoto (one of my new followers) who figured it out. It was a close up of a tea bag!! Congrats :). Now I’m on a mission to find a mystery photo for next week that nobody will get! Have a nice day.

  10. It is now saturday evening 22h41… First time I’m on my computer… Getting the mystery photo only now… &my connection is soooo slow, that it doesn’t even want to load…. Bummer this week for me for sure!!! 😦 Maybe next week!!!

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