Bah Bah White Sheep

Not only is texture pleasing to the eye, but it can also be very pleasing to our sense of touch. Have you ever really thought about how much people are fascinated by the texture of hair, fur, and wool? We love to pet our dogs and cats, run our fingers through curly hair, stroke the smooth mane of a horse, or hug someone wearing a warm wool sweater.

While exploring the Toronto Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with my sons one year, I realized we were surrounded by a variety of textures, and I spent a great deal of time snapping pictures of the different animals. There were woolly sheep, smooth little piglets, sleek horses, and furry alpacas. I photographed them alone and in groups as well as at a distance and up close, and I couldn’t get enough of all of the cuddly critters. This is a close up of a sheep, and I just loved the multitude of little ringlets all over its body.


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6 Responses to Bah Bah White Sheep

  1. krikitarts says:

    This is great, Cindy–I can almost reach out and feel it! I’d also love to see a monochrome treatment of this.

  2. Thanks Gary! Now be patient with me because I am really an amateur at all of this, plus I am home sick today so my brain isn’t functioning the greatest, but by monochrome do you mean black and white??

  3. TBM says:

    Great photo. I don’t think I could touch it though. I hate the feel of cotton balls and stuff like that. Can’t stand the touch of some sweaters. I’m odd.

  4. David Hall says:

    Yep. you can certainly feel that texture. Excellent.

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