Phew, that was quite the climb!!

Another one of my favourite historical landmarks in Cambridge, England was the Church of St. Mary the Great, known locally as Great St. Mary’s or GSM, a Church of England church.  The first church on the site of the current one was built in 1205, but this was mostly destroyed by fire on July 9, 1290 and then rebuilt.  During its early years, the church was the property of the crown, but ownership eventually passed to the University of Cambridge.  The present building was constructed between 1478 and 1519, with the tower finished later, in 1608. The cost of construction was covered largely by Richard III and Henry VII.

Access to the tower is via a 123-step medieval turret staircase, and I’m telling you it’s quite the climb and fully convinced me that the human race has definitely grown since medieval times.  As a woman with a size 9 shoe, I had to turn my feet sideways because the stairs were so tiny, and the staircase is so narrow that if you are going up and meet someone coming down, somebody has to backtrack to a small landing so that everyone can continue. There is no way you could pass someone on that staircase!  But no matter how tricky the climb, the view from the top is totally worthwhile, as you are treated to a panoramic view of Cambridge.

The first picture below is a view of Great St. Mary’s from the street, and the second shot is one of my favourite photos from the day, looking up toward the top of the tower.  Tomorrow I will show you the view from the top.




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4 Responses to Phew, that was quite the climb!!

  1. TBM says:

    That is so cool. Love the perspective on the last one. I’m noticing that not only are the stairs narrow in London, but that the same staircase can vary in width and angles. They can be tricky.

    • Thank you! Hey, there’s something I should ask you. Have you noticed how much smaller everything is in general in England compared to North America? I couldn’t believe how tiny the bathrooms and elevators are in hotels there. Many times I felt almost confined in different places in England whereas everything at home is so spacious. I’d be interested to hear what you think.

      • TBM says:

        YES! You should see our bathroom, it is long but so narrow. The two of us can’t get ready at the same time. And public restrooms, I feel like I have to squeeze in by the door. I haven’t been in too many elevators but I’ll start keeping track. But the bathrooms, I feel claustrophobic.

  2. Oh good, so it’s not just me! LOL It’s funny what we get used to isn’t it? And what we take for granted.

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