Can you see the difference?

To continue on from yesterday, King’s College Chapel took over a century to build, and it has the largest fan vault ceiling in the world and some of the finest medieval stained glass.  It is one of the finest examples of late Gothic (Perpendicular) English architecture.  The Chapel has a total length of 289 feet, and the width of the main vault is 40 feet.  The interior height is 80 feet and the exterior height is 94 feet.  The windows of King’s College Chapel are some of the finest in the world from their era. There are 12 large windows on each side of the chapel, and larger windows at the east and west ends.  It also features a Renaissance wooden screen, and a painting by Rubens called The Adoration of the Magi above the altar.

What I found really interesting is that you can see two distinct colours of stone in the chapel.  This is because a white magnesium limestone from Yorkshire was used for the first 15 years of building, while later work is in Northamptonshire sandstone.  You can best see the difference in the buttresses where you can see the level the building had reached by 1461, fifteen years after the first stone was laid.  Can you see the change in colour?

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4 Responses to Can you see the difference?

  1. irene fleury says:

    yes, i can see it! very interesting history. thx. for that Cindy♥

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Very interesting.

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