A Different Perspective

Yesterday Nick Mayo posted a photo called Interest Above because it made him stop and think “that’s interesting”.  I know exactly what he means by that!  I’m sure people often see me with my camera photographing an odd object or location and wonder “what the heck is she taking a picture of that for?”, but for some reason I find it interesting and appealing to the eye.  It might be simply the colours, or shapes, or lines, or just how everything flows.  Sometimes I can’t even put into words why I find it interesting. Frequently I will look up like Nick did and capture a scene that most people don’t even notice.

This is just such a photo.  I took this while touring Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.  These are the engines from one of the Apollo spaceships.  From my pictures I can’t be sure which one, but I think it might be Apollo 9.  The whole spaceship was on display horizontally up on a cradle-like apparatus, so that you could walk underneath it and appreciate how huge it is.  I stood right underneath the engines and shot up which gave quite a unique perspective.  I love the lines and the feeling of symmetry to the shot.

The interesting thing is that from this angle you have no point of reference and therefore you can’t tell the size of these engines.  To give you an idea what I mean, here is a photo of the engines from a distance with my husband and son standing underneath.  Quite a difference isn’t there?

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10 Responses to A Different Perspective

  1. TBM says:

    Before I read your post I thought, that looks like some type of spaceship. They are massive!

    • Yes, I found myself saying “WOW” a great deal that day. I found the whole place very fascinating, and we were lucky that we got to see all areas of the facility because they had only just lifted restrictions from 9/11 (this was in January, 2006). Previously, many areas were closed to the public. The security is pretty heavy duty too. My dad had a knee replacement done, and he now has a titanium knee. Well, he set off all the alarms of course, and they actually took him aside to an area where they could question him before they would let him in. They made me actually take a picture with my digital camera and show it to them to prove that it was a working digital camera and not hiding something inside. It was very intimidating but worth it because we had a great day! 🙂

  2. Nick Mayo says:

    Cindy, thanks for sharing my name and work in there 🙂 I would have found this completely interesting as well! In the top pic I love that if you were to just look at the picture without words attached you really would have no clue what you were looking at however its completely evident that its spacey! The quality of materials that they use is much higher grade then you see in most anything else and it almost speaks to you! The shear size, color tones and resampled rings that are consistent throughout the scene keep drawing me back in. And thats just in the first pic haha. I love the green highlights inside the burners on the second, it completely brings it to life! Its almost as if the ship is booting up for take off. It especially has extra forwardmotion added to it with the slight blur of the onlookers to the bottom left. Wonderful sightings! Thanks for sharing, and privileging me to be a part of it. 🙂

  3. I am so glad that you liked it and that you didn’t mind me putting your name in!! And thank you for inspiring me to do this post. When I am trying to post a picture every day, sometimes it is a little hard to come up with fresh ideas, so I love when someone else’s blog reminds me of a photo I have taken. I felt the same way about the first photo in that I knew it was part of a spaceship, but I had to look through the other photos I took that day before I remembered that I had taken that shot looking up from below the engines. I have always been drawn to this particular picture because it’s so different and there are so many things in it to keep the mind busy. Have a great day! 🙂

  4. Amazing shots, I love the first one a lot

  5. I though it was a part of a spaceship aircraft but I was wrong. It’s insanely huge!

  6. Yes, it certainly is! It was amazing to walk underneath it and really get the feeling of just how huge it is.

  7. One of my primary goals when I’m shooting scenes like this is to share a perspective that other people might not have seen. Especially when shooting in places that might be familiar to a large number of people, the fun challenge is capturing details that might have been missed.

    I think you’ve done that quite nicely with these images. I know that there are details in the first image that I would have missed if I was viewing it without a camera. I just see things differently when I’m being creative. And isn’t that the whole point? 🙂

  8. I totally agree! I enjoy taking photos that others might never think of. I love photography because it allows me, an otherwise unartistic person, to show a creative side that I never really knew existed. Thanks so much Lee!!

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