Hey, maybe the geese had the right idea! Brrrrr!!

It was freezing cold.  It was snowing.  The wind was blowing like crazy.  And where was I? Outside doing a photoshoot at Tralee where my sister-in-law trains horses.  They actually do a lot of weddings at Tralee because of the stunning landscape surrounding it. We pulled into the driveway yesterday for a visit and I spotted a lone swan sitting on the partially frozen pond.  Luckily I had brought my camera with me, so I jumped out of the car and took off down to the pond.  I started out with my regular lens but soon switched to my telephoto.

Now, as we all know, when you are using a telephoto lens you need to watch out for camera shake.  Of course, I should have been using a tripod, but there just wasn’t time for that.  I didn’t know how long the swan would stay around and cooperate.  Also, remember how much I hate winter and being cold.  I start to shiver as soon as the temperature drops below 70 degrees F.  So, there I am trying to brace myself against a tree, but I’m shivering from head to foot and my camera is being buffeted by the wind.  It wasn’t long before my fingers started to feel a little numb.  At one point I even climbed down snow-covered metal stairs to a floating dock and knelt in the snow to get really close to my new buddy.

I took a ton of pictures but never expected any of them to turn out very well.  I figured they would all be blurry considering the nasty conditions I was in. Imagine my surprise when I uploaded them to the computer and found quite a few keepers.  They needed some editing because of how dull the day was (and could probably still benefit from some additional touch ups), but I was so pleased with the results that I couldn’t pick just one picture to post today.  So, today you get five photos because of my indecisiveness.  Hope you like them!

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10 Responses to Hey, maybe the geese had the right idea! Brrrrr!!

  1. Dor says:

    Oh, they are all absolutely beautiful and the swan doesn’t look cold at all. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • You are so welcome. I’m glad you liked them!! You should have seen how excited I was afterwards. I just love taking wildlife photos, and that was just the perfect opportunity! By the way, I am not ignoring the award you gave me – I just haven’t had time to deal with it yet. I do appreciate it though 🙂

  2. I feel calm after viewing these photos — thanks! 🙂 Beautiful pictures.

  3. niki says:

    Wonderful!Pure and beautiful 🙂

  4. Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed them :).

  5. David Hall says:

    Hand held! amazing quality. The exposure is spot on, not easy with white on white. The texture in the neck is feelable. Superb.

  6. munchow says:

    Despite being cold and shivering, you did a good job of capturing the swan. As David Hall just mentioned, the exposure is a testimony to you technical skills. My favourite is the vertical, very tight shot of the swam. I like the almost organic feeling to it.

    • A professional photographer complimenting me on my technical skills – I am honoured!! I am still very much a beginner, but I am experimenting whenever I can (even if I freeze in the process) and absorbing whatever advice is thrown my way. Thank you again!

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