Oooh, what is that big, tall thing??

Do you ever look at a wild animal and wonder what they are thinking?  I met this little chipmunk while at my in-laws one day.  I sat out in the garden very quietly with my camera enjoying the summer weather and waiting patiently for some animals or birds to appear.  I really love this photo because he is so darn cute but also because it just looks like he is thinking about something, like maybe, “Now, where did I hide those nuts again?” or “Ooooh, I’m a little scared.  What is that big, tall thing looking at me??”

I also think it’s a great macro shot because it blurs the background just enough so that you still get the colour around the chipmunk to add some vibrancy to the photo but at the same time you are not distracted by the background.

This photo brings a memory to the surface as well.  Whereas my husband remembers everything that has ever happened to him (well it seems like that anyway), my mind is so full (actually overflowing most of the time) that I have only retained some of the memories from my childhood.  One thing I do remember is going to my neighbour’s cottage in Haliburton, Ontario, and more particularly visiting the old man next door.  He was very tall and thin and seemed ancient to me at the time, but looking back now maybe he wasn’t as old as I thought he was.  Anyway, this man lived there all year round, and he was what I would now call a chipmunk whisperer.  He was very quiet and loved to sit out on his porch, and I guess the little critters just got used to him.  He had them so used to him in fact that they would come up on the porch and crawl right up from his foot to his shoulder.  He fed them of course, and I guess that helped, but I have never seen chipmunks quite that tame. Usually, if they get used to you, they will approach you and maybe take a peanut from your hand, but these little guys literally climbed all over him.  Being a city girl back then, it fascinated me to no end.  I looked forward to visiting him.  Now, living in a rural area, seeing little critters is quite common, but I have never been able to become a chipmunk whisperer myself!  I will keep trying though :).


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16 Responses to Oooh, what is that big, tall thing??

  1. maenamor says:

    great photo…

  2. niki says:

    Lovely picture! and I like that background 🙂 I once fed some squirrels in a park…They ate all my chocolate :))

  3. Thanks for nice comments! However, being a chocoholic, I would never give up my chocolate to any animal, no matter how cute they are!! LOL 🙂

  4. kerryl29 says:

    Nice shot. There’s a box canyon in Ouray, Colorado where the chipmunks will not only take a peanut (for instance) from your hand but are so acclimated to people where they will–if you’ll let them–occasionally climb on you…even if you’re a first time visitor.

    • Wow, they are sometimes rather brave little critters aren’t they? I love them, but my parents aren’t part of their fan club recently, because the chipmunks in their neighbourhood have been digging up their flower gardens! I keep having to remind them how cute they are. LOL 🙂

  5. I’ve always wished I had a better memory of my childhood. I have a friend who is a lot like your husband. He can remember every teacher he ever had. I, on the other hand, can’t even remember the names of people I worked with a couple of years ago. But ask me who recorded a song playing on the radio and I’ll dazzle you with that knowledge. 🙂

    • I don’t know if you have ever read the Harry Potter series, or watched the movies, but one of the wizards has an item called a Pensieve. He takes his wand and removes excess memories from his brain and transfers them to the pensieve for storage. Then he can review them at his leisure. When I read that for the first time, I decided that was the best invention ever (even though only imaginary), and I must have one!!! Regarding your song knowledge, my husband and I love to quiz each other when old songs come on the radio. We have to as quickly as possible name the artist and the year the song was recorded. Mike usually does better than me though! 🙂

  6. dafarmer says:

    Wow good eye!! I love it

  7. haha, chipmunk wisperer, how cool is that?! 🙂 I love the photo, he looks soooo cute and innocent. Incredible! It reminds me of the animated television series Rescue Rangers 🙂

  8. krikitarts says:

    Hi Cindy, We’ve found sunflower seeds (not shelled) to be the would-be chipmunk whisperer’s best ally. Start with a small pile (teaspoonful) where you see him (her) sitting. When it’s gone, replace it. Then gradually sit closer and closer until you entice him onto your hand, then slowly lift your hand…etc. Soon you’ll have him climbing up your jeans to get the seeds on your shoulder! Here’s proof that it works: –look at the last photo on the blog. You’ll love the feeling of their trusting you to this extent! All it takes is a lot of patience (and a lot of sunflower seeds).

    • Oh my goodness, that’s the cutest picture ever. His little cheeks are packed full of sunflower seeds aren’t they? The little piggy!! Thank you so much for the advice – I will definitely try your technique this summer :).

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