The little fisherman

Little boys love to be like their daddy, and my husband’s favourite sport is fishing, so from the time my sons were able to hold a fishing rod, they joined their dad on his fishing trips.  I will never forget the look of excitement and wonder on their faces when they actually hooked a big one.  Being boys, they loved every aspect of fishing from the baiting of the hooks to filleting the fish for the freezer.  When those fish were cooked and put on their plates for dinner, you could see the look of pride on their faces because they had caught their own food.

I have taken many, many pictures through the years of Bryan and Daniel fishing, but what I love about this one is that it is totally candid.  Daniel didn’t have any idea that I was taking his picture, and he is totally engrossed in what he is doing.  Check out that look of intense concentration on his face!

When you have children, there are good and bad things about every age, but I look back at pictures like this one, and I miss those days.  I am lucky because I have two really good kids who I am very proud of, and I consider myself very close to them, but the reality is that Bryan is going to be going off to college soon and Daniel is not that far behind him.  They are developing their own interests, and even though they still do a lot with us, they are becoming independent and want to do things with their peers now instead of their parents.  I know, though, that one day they will both be amazing fathers themselves, and I hope they will develop the same awesome memories with their kids.


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2 Responses to The little fisherman

  1. Northern Narratives says:

    I have lots of great memories fishing as a kid. Nice post.

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