Mystery Photo #8

Last week I successfully stumped all of you with my mystery photo, but can I do it two weeks in a row?  Somehow I doubt it, but let’s give it a try.  Come on everyone – get in the game and take a guess!  I will post the answer tomorrow.  Ready, set, go!!!!


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8 Responses to Mystery Photo #8

  1. are these pringles ?? 🙂 this is fun !

  2. xandreverkes says:

    Oh my word Cindy….. Dried leaves perhaps?? 🙂 **

  3. Jim Guest says:

    Cindy it’s a cut through a cabbage!

  4. Hmmm…I was going to say a US flag, but some of the edges are making me question that.

  5. tadams4u says:

    looks like pedals to me…..but I can see the pringles to LOL

  6. Yayyyyy, this is the most players we have ever had for the Mystery Photo Game!! Three people got it right this time. It was a flower – a pink rose in fact. However, I zoomed in really close and converted the result to black and white to try and mess with your minds! My favourite response was the Pringles one because when I looked at the photo again, it really could have been Pringles. What a unique guess!! Thanks for playing everyone.

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