Horse Jumping 101

Ok, I know that I created this as a photography blog, but sometimes a situation arises where you have to change it up a little.  My husband is certifiably nuts!!  I like him that way though because it creates a lot of humour in my life, and as everyone knows laughter is very good for you.  Mike’s sister, Rhonda, works for an equestrian centre where she is responsible for training the horses.  Recently, she asked Mike (because he is on holidays) if he could build some wings (the side pieces) for a horse jump.  Being a creative type of guy when it comes to woodworking, he whipped something up in a couple of days, just making it up as he went along.  They turned out just beautiful, and Mike delivered the set to Rhonda today.  She was absolutely thrilled, but the horse wasn’t too keen on the idea of jumping.

Well, that’s when Mike’s humourous side took over, and he decided that he would show the horse how it’s done.  This is the resulting video.  Unfortunately, it would have been longer, but Rhonda was laughing so hard that she turned the camera off by accident.  Poor Rhonda recently broke a couple of ribs, and she laughed so hard yesterday at the antics of my husband that she was in a great deal of pain by the time he finally took off his horse jumping trainer hat.  Don’t worry, no horses were injured in the making of this video, and Mike’s ok too by the way!! LMAO

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2 Responses to Horse Jumping 101

  1. Heather says:

    LMAO this is priceless Cindy! Love it……Horse is trying to get away from the crazy guy LOL.

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