There is always something to photograph – just look around

Although my hubby is not into photography quite as much as I am, he loves the results I have achieved with my cameras, and as I think I’ve mentioned before he enjoys taking me for drives around the countryside to look for photo ops, especially wildlife.  Because he leaves for work so early in the morning, he sees animals all the time that always seem elusive to me, like deer for instance.  One weekend I was so jealous of his wildlife sighting stories that we decided to try our luck in an area that is known as a bird and wildlife sanctuary.  Unfortunately, I still didn’t have much luck because all of the animals must have been away visiting relatives, but I wasn’t about to waste a day out with my camera so I stopped, looked around and realized that I was surrounded by beauty.

It was so peaceful walking around enjoying nature that day.  I always  find it so calming to the soul, which is so important nowadays with how busy and stressful life can be.  The sanctuary was very marshy so besides the inevitable mosquitoes there were also a lot of bull rushes, weeds, and these lovely lily pads.

Lily Pad

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9 Responses to There is always something to photograph – just look around

  1. Nice shot. sometimes people are so busy looking for the “great amazing shot” they miss the beauty of small things

    • So true! In fact, how many people do you think really have their eyes fully open as they make their way through life? We are all in too much of a hurry these days to appreciate what is around us. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Great photo. I agree that people are too much in a hurry to “stop and smell the roses”.
    I am also an amateur photographer and my photo blog is

    • Thanks so much! I have just visited your blog and am now a follower. Your pictures are amazing and so unique. I wanted to comment on “Green Roof” but for some reason it wouldn’t let me comment. That was one of my favourites!

  3. Northern Narratives says:

    Thanks for visiting my photo blog and subscribing 🙂 I also like your blog and will be following yours too.

  4. StrangeLittleGirl Photography says:

    It’s awesome to have someone to share your photographic journeys with!

  5. Yes it definitely is. We have a lot of fun searching for new locations to try out. A lot of times we just pick any old road to turn down and don’t have any idea where we will end up, but that’s the joy of having a GPS because when in doubt we can just hit the “go home” button!

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